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Epsilon shooting mat shooting experiences

Elite Survival Epsilon shooting matThere are a lot of things you can do to get down and prone at a firing range and protect you from the ground beneath you but in the real world, you might want something like this to avoid rocks, thorns, and broken glass from cutting you.   Another reality about shooting on the ground is you are going to end up with a cut elbow if you are shooting off the ground for a long period of time.   For thing you will notice about the Epsilon shooting mat is the quality of the nylon, and the second thing you are going to notice when opening it up and laying on the ground is that it’s not going to roll up or curl on you when like most mats.   I have moved away from using bipods on firearms because the best ones are expensive and a good shooting  mat and backpack can give you a very sturdy platform for placing consistent shots when out on in the field.

I like to pack my gear up and leave important items like binoculars, appropriate magazines (loaded) and various molle pouches attached to my platform.   The Elite Survival Epsilon shooting mat is $159.95 and is available in black or tan.   We usually keep some of these around our showroom so we can display it for our customers which usually sells the product.   This is a much larger shooting mat and folds up in a solid construction and can also be attached to  a backpack or drag bag.    For anyone in the 6ft and above height category,  you will get very good coverage for both your arms and your legs and you won’t be going home with dirty knees. This mat, when opened up is almost 6ft long and 3.5ft wide opened.  A very good accessory for anyone and wants a more comfortable day at the range.


Elite Survival Tactical Messenger Bag

Elite Survival bagsRecently I decided it was time to get a lap top for my work because using a  phone still isn’t going to be the same as working off a lap top.   I still have to do trade shows and setup various conventions for customers and even though you can run credit cards off of your phone, it still is a pain in the butt to type and the number of typos I have seen makes taking customer orders a pain in the neck.   Recently we’ve been running various tactical training videos from Panteo Productions and using the DVD player hooked up to a computer monitor or TV very useful.  My biggest problem was how do I carry a lap top around with me without worrying about getting it wet.   One of my friends reminded me that the Special Forces Operators are carrying lap tops around with them in Afghanistan and there are bags out there that are waterproof.

It reminded me to check back to the Elite Survival Systems product line and I forgot about the Elite Tactical Messenger bags.   We have sold many of these to deployed soldiers and the Elite Survival bags we were selling do have an option for this.   The Elite Tactical Messenger bag was slightly more than $100 and the waterproof compartment will keep your electronics dry.   I also have molle locations to store magazine pouches or pockets to hold chargers.  I will be working on picking up several types of Solar chargers to test out and they should all fit into this large bag.   Apparently there is a a Blackhawk bag that is similar to this one but I will post reviews the more I get to use it.




Elite Survival bags

Elite Survival bagsOne of the things that made  us go with being a stocking dealer for various tactical gun case, range bags, and modern computer cases like the Elite Survival Messenger bag was because so many people were calling us on the phone and asking us all of the technical specs for various products we had listed on our website.   One thing we have found is that everyone can tell you the length of their rifle barrel but nobody has a clue what the overall length of their AR15 is.    Laptops and various technical gadgets are the same thing, everyone knows their monitory size but nobody knows what bag is going to fit it.  Sometimes its easier to just bring your gear in and see.   Sometimes people need to pack up their gear and see if it all fits in, we understand.

The Elite Survival systems tactical messenger bag has a waterproof compartment that protects electronics from the elements.   More of the Elite Survival  bags have features that are very well designed and sometimes we get questions from customers and have to ask the manufacturer why they did what they did and then pass it on to the customer so they really understand what they are getting and why a tactical backpack or carry bag is what it is.  Lots of people are asking for I-phone cases because so many Police and Military personnel are using them and need them on a tactical vest.   There are some really neat hydration systems, so stop  in and check them out.


Elite Survival Overall view of the product line

Elite survival gun casesWe’ve been customers of Elite Survival Systems before we actually started carrying the product line and they were one of the early products we decided to pick up.  We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Voodoo tactical products which are next on our list. People are very specific about molle gear and once someone drops $2000 or more on a rifle, the argument about putting out $100 or more on a gun case is moot.  I have several of the gun cases since I find that one of the coolest aspects of the Elite Survival Systems made in the USA product line.   I have the COC cases in 33 and 36 for myself as well as the Epsilon Shooting mats.   Each of these work well for most Carbines like the AK or AR15 variants.  I have a Bushmaster 20 inch barrel in one and my M6a2 in another.

When it comes to bags, we have a military, security and EMS customer base that have gear usually in another bag and they want to make sure it’s going to work for them in their new bag.   Some of the products like the Elite Survival gun cases are specific to caliber and the size of the rifle.  We have a large 3 gun shooter customer base and the Double Agent case has also been a top seller.   People that are travelling and need a Remington 870 and an AR15 don’t want to need to pick up 2 rifle case, a double is what they want.   The amount of padding or foam protection can vary from brand to brand and the durability of the zippers can also vary.   Elite Survival Systems product line is our primary tactical nylon line for a reason.


A very successful year in Delaware County

philadelphia police supply storesThis year was a very successful year for us in the Delaware County area in launching our tactical store and we double the size of our business in the first 6 months.  People are still finding out about us via word of mouth whenever they need a new holster, police boots or even just Ambulance companies hiring and people  needing to get a pair of pants.  Much of the product line we stock in our store is for people to checkout instead of buying it online.  Duty gear like handcuff keys and various police belts are things that people in the Law Enforcement industry lose or wear out over time and are always in need of.    Police vests, tactical pants, uniform pants, belts, hydration unites, SWAT team bags are things that are always wearing out and need to be replaced.

We’ve learned there are so many types of handcuffs, swivel and hinged doesn’t always narrow it down, some are different weights and types of metal.  The items we have brought in this year are the Safariland lightweight handcuffs and in our region there are no Philadelphia Police Supplies shops around here and many of our Law Enforcement Officers are very happy to see a business like this open up.   Tactical vests, body armor are all things people need to be sized up on and this is something that has to be done right so that there are fewer returns.   We stock a large number of Blackhawk serpa holsters, safariland products, pepper spray, mace, tasers, batons, police badge holders and more and more duty gear.


Accessorizing your AR15 and the issues you will have with your gun cases!

Elite Survival gun casesYou live and learn in this industry but you can make fewer mistakes in life if you take your time and observe the mistakes of others.   Recently we had several SWAT Teams arrive in our store looking for gun cases that held more than 1 rifle and they didn’t want a hard case.  SKB makes some rock solid rifle cases and there are some pretty cool configurations you can do that can give you the customization that you want.  Not everyone is packing the same sidearms and being able to cutout your case in the configuration that your gun is a must.  Firearms like the LWRC M6A2 with a 10.5 inch barrel is going to be very particular because you don’t want a soft gun case that is over-sized.  Your better with a gun case that fits properly because too tight is bad and too loose is also not good.

My LWRC M6A2 rifles are probable worth about $3500 with all of the Eotech Magnifier, Eotech 512, LWRC rear sights and front sight.  I don’t want my guns getting banged around so I went with the Elite Survival gun cases like the Covert Operations case.  This rifle case has tie downs that can go over the optics and the firearm at 4 different points.  I also like to carry extra pistol magazines in this gun case, but that cost a few bucks extra.  There is also a triple magazine pouch that comes with each of these carbine gun cases and you can get them for firearms like the MP5 or even AK magazine pouches.   There are several different sizes for the Covert Operation case but you most likely will be using a 33 or 36 if you are running the average AR15 or M4 carbine.


Worthy of a good look over- Elite Surival systems products

There are a lot of nylon companies out there and there are huge differences in the thought, quality, and marketing of them.  Voodoo Tactical has some really cool stuff but some of their products are for full blown combat and have more molle on them than most Law Enforcement would use.   I have seen some neat magazine pouches for the AR15 that also have pistol mags on the face of them which one local Police Officer really liked because it saved him some room.  Not everyone does the same thing well and then cost is another factor.  If you want to put a $2500 carbine and have it protected in your car or travel around the world with it, you’re going to have to consider some other products.  Some Nylon is for SWAT guys while others are for fireman who just need a radio pouch, but there are lots of variations in radios.

If you look at the sheen of some of the nylon products you will see the difference, the first time I picked up a double mag pouch for my Magpul pmags i noticed the quality difference that Elite Surival Systems had.      I then checked out there Covert Operations bag and it was very cool to handle, most of the Elite Surival Systems gun cases we have in the store are the Covert Operations and Double Agent gun cases.  There are a large number of CIA guys using these gun systems due to the traveling and team work they have to do.  The internal molle compartments are also a cool feature for holding handcuffs, magazines, and flashlights like the streamlight strion or Polytac.


If you don’t want a bigger range bag but need a bigger pistol case. Here’s an suggestion!

Elite survival pistol casesI don’t know why everyone  needs a certain type of bag because it’s up to the user to determine what works for them, but if you are a handgun enthuisiest consider checking out the entire pistol case product line of the Elite Survival Systems.  Their gun cases and pistol cases don’t feel like other brands and their is an obvious density differences.  Not that they are heavy, but seeing a Made in the USA on their stuff and knowing how expensive it is to manufacture in this Country, you know you are getting a quality product.  The 4 gun pistol pistol pack is much more than a pistol rug or a range bag, this is almost like an active shooter bag for handguns.   You have the adjust-ability with the nylon tie downs to fit any medium or large frame firearm and I’ve had Sig 226 and Beretta 92FS packed to the limit in this bag.

You can always put in other molle pouches  in this case but if you are taking more than 2 guns to the range and you want to keep your gear organized there aren’t any other cool products that I can think of that will keep your stuff together like this.   I have had issues with other bags where I didn’t have the room to keep the guns and that magazines together and these Elite Survival Pistol Cases give you maximum organizational platforms.   There are other smaller pistol cases you can use if you don’t need the gear or magazine storage and they really aren’t that expensive, usually under $30.  Stop in our Broomall, PA showroom if you can.


Backpacks, range bags, and sleeping bags

Elite survival systems bagsYou really need to know what you need or what you are looking for before you start shopping for a range bag.   Too many people rush into buying backpacks and range bags and find out they needed something bigger or that they should have spent more money on something instead of buying small.  Pistol bags and range bags are often out grown as well as gun cases.   We should have hit the record button in the store this week and just posted the transcripts of some of the things our customers said about what they should have gotten from us in the last year.   Too many people start out with price restrictions and end up buying twice instead of once for rifle cases and range bags.   Scopes on pistols or added accessories like pistol magazines are nice to keep together, all  in once place.

Having a bugout bag means different things to different people and not everyone is going to put the same things in there.  Some tactical teams and swat teams are going to put things in something like  Elite Survival Systems bags that have food and medical supplies in them.  I think having medical supplies in a bugout bag are a good idea but small quantities of food or ammo is something you can easily stow away and just forget it’s there.   The Elite Survival Systems smokescreen concealment backpack, especially the navy blue one is very low profile and almost looks like it should say NIKE   on it since it’s very sporty or athletic looking.


Emergency responses and packing your car for the “what if” situation

recon sleeping bagsSeveral years ago there was a national tragedy here in Pennsylvania where a simple snow storm caught too many people on a major highway that emergency responders were not able to get to all of them.  There were so many cars and so much snow on the ground that plowing was impossible.  People sat in their cars waiting for help as the snow piled deeper and deeper.  Something like this caught everyone off guard and there were politcal fallout from it, but, the real problem was nobody had any backup plan for this and they should have.

I’m a big fan of keeping emergency survival blankets in my car because people don’t realize that sitting in a car and idling is only going to give  you about 8-12hrs of heat and energy and then you will have lost your heat source.  Something  like the recon sleeping bags  like the recon 2 are all you need for a basic SHTF car break down where you might be better off using that an waiting for help rather than depend on your car heater keeping you warm.   The Recon 2 is so small that it hardly takes up any room  in  your trunk and is a great investment.

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