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A place to walk into and walk out with the stuff you want

Now that so many people do their shopping on Cyber Monday or just order things from Amazon and Ebay, many small business have been put out of business.  One thing that hasn’t changed though are returns and exchanges.  Sometimes people mis ready technical details about the size of a product or they order a wrong color.  When it comes to buying shoes and certain types of clothing, people really want to walk in a shop, hold it in their hands and then walk out the same day.  We’ve had several people tell us that we should stock certain products and many of our nearest competitors do now.   Nobody wants to walk in a retail store, order something online and then go back in and pick it up when you can easily go home and look it  up on google and get it in a couple days.

With holster sizes, flashlight and laser accessories its very hard to know what you are getting with a gun holster.    In the area we are in we draw a lot of customers looking for Philadelphia Law Enforcement supplies that are willing to drive several hours just to try it on and get it right the first time.  You can be one size in on line of tactical apparel but another size or in between sizes with another and  only when  you are standing in front of a mirror will you know if it’s for you.   Whether you’re looking for a gun holster for your Glock 21 with a TLR-1S light or a new pair of boots, we stock most of what local law enforcement personnel are looking for.


Getting ready for Winter Camping? Try something the soldiers use

The Recon sleeping bags are one of the main attractions in our showroom here in Broomall, PA.   There are a lot of people that have asked if the could open one up so what we did was open the smallest Recon sleeping bag we have in stock and display it on one of our walls.  The Recon 2 sleeping bag is just a little bit bigger than a football and it is probable the best emergency bag to keep in your car if it broke down.  The Recon 5 is probable the best one to bring with you winter camping.  It is something to be cautious about when using too heavy of a sleeping bag but I have never had problems being too warm in one of these.

Having a product that is designed for military or serious camping means paying for it with your wallet but these recon sleeping bags are something that can stay in your camping supply room for decades.  I’ve had the same sleeping bag for close to 2yrs and only recently upgraded to the Recon Sleeping bags for my primary camping bags.  We have all of the Recon 2, Recon 3, Recon 4 and Recon 5 sleeping bags on display in our showroom so stop in and hold them in your hands before you buy them.  They range in cost from the low $100 range to close to $200.


Range bags and something else for carrying handguns

I have several range bags that I’ve used over the years and they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger.  I have lots of experience taking guns to the range and realizing I forgot a certain caliber handgun or forgot to bring a sight in tool and pretty much spoiled my range day by doing that.   Nothing sucks worse than bringing a rifle to the range and knowing it’s not sighted in and not having the ability to correct it.   My Elite Survival Medium range bag was a step up from my Uncle Mikes range bag because it had a few better thought out features.

One thing I have learned to do is pack the bare minimum of firearm accessories, hearing protection and eye wear.  If I am taking a training course I usually use my Elite Survival bags like the 4 gun pistol pack.   I have modified that firearm bag to just use my combat or primary weapons.  It is outfitted with the  molle attachments that pertain to that caliber magazine, radio or other tools.   This Elite Survival bag can easily handle 4 large frame handguns and magazines.   My Beretta 92FS, Sig 229, Springfield XD and my Ruger GP100 all fit very well in this gun bag.


Coming this Fall at Rogue Elite

Not only have we finished setting up our new tactical shop here in Broomall, we are getting setup for the Fall outwear promo with TruSpec.  This year Gunny will be releasing his own tactical pant from TruSpec and we were happy to hear that this tactical pants has a gussetted crotch.  This has probable the only consistent complaint we got about the TruSpec pants.  They really are comfortable to wear and the pockets are very unique.  The material designs make it an easy transition from 5.11 tactical pants to the TruSpec design because they are both a polyester cotton blend.  Its hard to find places to try stuff like this on but now we have a location here in Southeaster Pennsylvania.

Tru Spec has a big 2 month long outerwear promotion going on from October 1st to November 30th and it will be a good time to stop in early October to get the best deals and selections.   There aren’t too many places to tryout things like this and Philadelphia Police and Security Supplies doesn’t usually mean that you are selling tactical pants.  Many stores that market that mostly deal with uniforms and the like but we are a full stocking dealer for Tru spec pants, jackets, vests, shorts and jackets.  We are located in the Broomall Industrial Park just right off of 476 South.  We are open Tuesday- Friday 12am-6pm and Saturday’s  10am-5pm.


Recon sleeping bags are they any good?

We get asked so many questions about certain products that at some point we’re going to have to just put up a FAQ’s on the website but at this time I really don’t have the time to do it.  People ask us if the products we sell are any good and that’s really an answer you’ll have to get on  your own.  From past experiences if we have a problem with a product line we usually dump it which is one reason we are so particular about what type of clothing we sell. Every product line has issues from time to time, but if we reach a boiling point, we dump the product line.

Many products out there are used for things that they are not  intended to be  used for and there a  great many ways to look up reviews and get feedback on them.  Right now one of our biggest selling product lines are the Elite Survival Systems recon sleeping bags which are flying out the door.  There really isn’t much out there to argue about these because the ratings on them are pretty accurate for any0ne with realistic expectations.  The Elite Survival Systems product line has started to expand out to real survival systems with emergency food and emergency bags.


Elite Survival M4 Roller customer responses

We were probable one of the first stocking dealers for the Elite M4 Roller from Elite Survival Systems and although we thought it was a great idea, we know how hard it is to sell certain items online.  Like so many things that are sold online, it’s hard to tell what it really is until you feel it in your hands and hold it.   There are lots of times people order something and don’t pay attention to the dimensions and end up with something much larger or smaller than what they wanted.  Sometimes even the images are not precise.


We we listed the Elite M4 Roller we knew what we were getting into and we  have never sold a bag as large as this but let’s be  honest, how many trunk bags are designed to be used like this and are so well thought out.  The Elite Survival Systems gun cases are our favorite nylon gun bags because we really cover the grounds with all of the variations.  We tend to deal with higher end products like LWRC, Noveske and the like for gun parts and accessories and we thought it would be fitting to avoid the cheapest and least expensive shooting bags.  The M4 roller fills a niche that local Paramedic and Law Enforcement wanted and when they walked in the door at our shop, they got to hold one in their hands and roll it out the door.


If you spent $2000 on your AR15 are you willing to spend $120 on a gun case?

I know that many people seem to think that you need an SKB case for your gun if it costs $2000 but that’s not really being practical or realistic.  I have had several of the Elite Survival System gun cases for my higher end firearms and they have served me well.  Protecting firearms is important but the truth of the matter is that hard cases are really meant for people shipping Internationally or being sent on an Airplane.  We’ve done some test package shipments and were shocked at how beat around UPS and Fedex shipping actually is so I get it if you have something of value, but for car transport a case with foam protection is going to get the job done.

I have a gun case for all of my high end LWRC AR15 rifles and my tricked out LWRC REPR and my beloved FNFAL.  It’s not all about protecting the gun from getting knocked around by my Elite Survival Ultimate Sniper Drag Bag is what I keep my Winchester Model 70 in because it keeps my Zeiss optics save and I can keep all of my long range technical info and range gear in it.  It is a pick up and go bag although I do lock up my gun when it is not being used.   The Covert Operations Discreet rifle case can be for an AR15 or an AK as well as an MP5 or 9mm variant with several options for pouches replacements.


Get me a gun case that is ready to go

When many of us get an AR15 we usually buy it by itself, shoot it for awhile and then add on accessories.  Most people I talk to about this issue when I’m explaining the reasons why we stock the Elite Survival Systems gun bags are usually usually nodding their heads.   The reason they are looking at these bags is because they can’t use the gun bags from Uncle Mikes or Bulldog.   I have several M4 Carbines that I had to disassemble to get to the range because the assault rifle gun cases I had wouldn’t fit them because of the flashlights and optics.   It royally sucks when  you get a new gun add stuff to it and find out you need to spend money on another gun bag, but if you do, check out the Elite Survival Systems bags.

The gun cases we have in stock now are the Covert Carry Discreet cases.  Everybody and their dog starts out with the Assault Rifle cases and I have to admit there are some differences between them but the Elite Survival Systems gun cases are in the “good stuff” category.  I have been clearing out some of my older gun socks and gun bags and giving them away to try and keep my higher end guns in better order. The Covert Carry gun cases come in various sizes but they also are customized to carry either AK magazines, 9mm/40 Magazines, and AR15 magazines.   Having velcro straps to tie down your rifles optics, a protective closed cell foam padding between magazines and the firearm and also a compartment to attach the magazine pouch and any other pouches.


You learned how to make your bed, now pack your bags right!

If you have not fried your brain on drugs, you should remember when your parents taught you how to make your bed and put the laundry away.   There are always stories about guns and gear being mismatched or people bringing the wrong thing to the range.   I for one have been a strong advocate for being range bags that are for individual firearms.  I like to leave sight in tools for an AR15 and leave unloaded magpul pmags in the outside of the bag just so I know I have brought the right ones.   It can royally suck when you bring a gun to the range and find out you have the wrong magazines or the wrong sight in tool.

When it comes to bringing handguns or other equipment a good range bag is the key to avoiding these types of things.  The range bags we seem to be moving the most right now are the Elite Survival bags which come in 3 different sizes.   I think most people are probable better off with the medium sized range bags because it’s better to start off with something a little bigger than what you think you might need.  Larger bags are for people that really know what they want but be careful you stow your gear consistently and don’t loose your stuff in the bag, it does happen.


Sleeping bags hunting trips and survival

People seem to forget about the weather and how variations in temperature can mean the end of life.  Anyone that has taken an Astronomy course or studied Planetary bodies, especially the planets and moons in our solar system will understand.   The extreme hot and cold temperatures on Mars because it does not have an atmosphere, means that you will freeze at night and burn during the day.   There are some places even on Earth where this can happen to you.   Bringing a cold weather sleeping bag with you on a desert trip.

One of our new products from Elite Survival Systems even though they don’t make them are the Recon Sleeping bags.   I’d say at first glance, the Recon sleeping bags are so small that, that alone is a reason why they are useful.  Being able to stow something with life saving protection in varying degrees of weather makes them very practical and worth the investment.   I’m not sure about the long term durability of these, but I would say considering the number of people that have purchased them from us and the lack of complaints, they were worth it.

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