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Elite Survival Patrol bags in stock

We got in some of the Elite Survival Systems Patrol bags because we had a recent hiring of local Police and several of them were looking for products and gear that they could use on their new jobs.  Being located where we are, there are a lot of demands for quick pickups of gear whenever it’s needed and that is something we here more and more.  Many retail shops don’t like to stock items because they don’t want the overhead and just want to make the sales when they can.  Well, you know that is one reason why online purchases have gone up because it’s just as easy to go home log on to your computer and have an item shipped to your home in a couple days.

The Elite Survival Patrol Bag is something that a Law Enforcement officer is going to want to have with him to move his stuff back and forth.  The re-enforced liner/ divider for sturdiness.  These Elite Survival bags are very well thought out and have been modified for specific missions that Law Enforcement might have.  These are not range bags for a gun guy that just needs pocket dividers for handguns and shooting accessories, these are designed for holding flashlight and citation books.


New Product line coming in soon

We just got in some more of the Elite Survival tactical messenger bags and we’ve very happy with what we are seeing.  Just holding up the quality of the Made in USA product line compared to the 5.11 and Bulldog nylon cases gives you some contrast.  Blackhawk and Bulldog make some nice stuff for the money, but if you want something to show off and brag about, check out the Elite Survival Systems product line.   I am going to have to admit that I have been an Elite Survival Systems fan for almost a decade and I found out about them while shopping for a gun case for my DSA FAL.

The Tactical Messenger bag is a bit larger than what I was expecting but the waterproof compartment is about the size I would think someone would want.   We’ve sold a few to guys running laptops and solar power systems and the Elite Survival Systems bags we are selling worked well for them. The Elite Survival Tactical Messenger bag is for law enforcement and military applications in the modern age.  Being able to stow tactical gear especially electronics and work in adverse environments is a hard thing to do.  If you are in the area stop by our Pennsylvania location and check out the gear yourself.


New Product line and something cool to write about

When we first starting thing about what types of holster to bring, it kind of slipped my mind that not all gun holsters were leather or kydex.  I have a pile of holsters sitting in my closet that I used for training and forgot about how many stages of learning I was in.   To this day my favorite shoulder holsters were all nylon and I was happy to hear that Elite Survival has brought back the vertical should holsters that have been gone for a few years.   I won’t get into the reasons why vertical shoulder holsters have been hard to find, but these holsters are very inexpensive and also very versatile.

Many of the Woolrich Elite CCW shirts that we sell actually have applications that would allow shoulder holsters to work with them, so keep that in mind if you want a match between CCW shirts and shoulder holsters.  Elite Survival rifle cases  and Elite Survival gun bags are mostly made in the United States which is a huge selling point for us and their shooting bags and EMS have been a huge hit locally.



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