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Why be without spare parts?

AR15 Spare Parts
What is it? The TAC-PAC is a modular storage system designed to store tactical batteries and other small parts. It consists of an injection-molded housing with interchangeable EVA foam die cut inserts. The housing and insert is closed with a snap-on rubber sealing lid. This is then placed into a tactical nylon storage pouch.
 A complete bolt can be at your disposal ready to be installed, and the parts necessary to repair the faulty bolt are stored handily for the needed repair. You just supply the level of AR15 spare parts you think you might need. Why be without spare gas rings or an extractor?


ATI Stocks

ATI StocksAdvanced Technology International USA (ATI) is the premier manufacturer of cutting-edge rifle stocks, shotgun stocks, and gun accessories for a wide variety of firearms. Well-known to collectors, hunting enthusiasts, and members of the Military and Law Enforcement communities, ATI Stocks has a long and proud tradition of total commitment to top quality, excellent customer-care, and affordable prices. Rifle stocks offered by ATI include AK, Enfield, Hi-Point, Marlin, Mauser, Mosin Nagant, Ruger, and SKS. Shotgun gunstocks produced by ATI include Harrington and Richardson (H&R), Mossberg, New England Firearms (NEF), Norinco, Remington 870, Remington 1100/11-87, Rossi, Winchester, and more. ATI high-tech products are on the cutting edge of modern design, utilizing the latest advancements in synthetic polymer resin engineering.


Blue Force Gear Slings

Blue Force GearIdentical in every way to our Vickers Padded SlingTM but with our exclusive Patent Pending High Strength Acetal Quick Adjuster molded in Ghillie-TexTM resin to match our other acetal hardware.  It’s our favorite blend of value, comfort and performance! Available in all premium Blue Force Gear webbing colors including Universal Camo (ACU) and Crye MulticamTM . Ready to attach to weapons with front and rear QD push button adaptors.

Push button adaptors come sown to the sling.
Pad is 2″ wide. Webbing is 1.25 inches wide.


Magpul PMAGS

Magpul PMagsThe PMAGTM (Polymer MAGazine) is a lightweight 5.56 NATO, M-16 compatible magazine. It features an advanced impact resistant polymer construction, a pop-off Impact Cover for storage, and an easy to dissasemble design with a flared floorplate for easy magazine extraction from pouches. PMAGTM utilizes a resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance.

The MagLevel PMAGTM features transparent windows on both sides of the body and has a painted indicator on the spring for quick determination of approximate rounds remaining in the Magpul PMAGS

Our latest revision has been updated with a new body ribbing design which allows for better compatibility with aftermarket mag couplers, a new follower which gives even smoother loading with military stripper clips, and the Impact Cover can now be snapped onto the Floorplate when not in use to prevent possible loss. The MagLevel now has even larger windows than before and includes a black-oxide coated spring for increased contrast with the painted indicator.

Made in U.S.A.

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