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The Versatility of the Trijicon RMR Sight

The interneTrijicon RMR Sightst is full of as much misinformation as it is good information and in this industry, it’s very much true, there are plenty of items that had bad releases or have some type of flaw in them but as they say, “the mission drives the gear” and if you want an answer to the question we always get asked “what is the best red dot” we aren’t going to tell you one thing.   One sight that has gained on us are the Meprolight sights but from our point of view they  haven’t been on the market long enough for us to rave about them, but if you are looking for a compact red dot, or a secondary sighting system, the Trijicon RMR Sights have a lot to offer.   I’ve always been a fan of the Trijicon TA01NSN because being able to fall back on iron sights is something anyone that plans on using an optic needs to train to do.   The Beauty of the  Trijicon RMR sights is the versatility of the mounts you can use from off-set on an AR15, thumbscrew mounts for a Remington Shotgun or take your handgun to your gunsmith and put an RM08-G on it.

Competition sports is a new and thriving industry and if you want to see a lot of Trijicon optics get used, check out the shows on the Outdoor Channel and some of the NRA Friendly shows.   There are a lot of different reticle colors, red dot sizes and battery or fiber optic variations of the RMR sighting system.  The thing you need to know about red dots is, will your eyes pickup the red dot or is it going to flare on you depending on your eyesight.  The next thing to think about is are you going to be expecting to take longer range shots with it, or are you perfectly fine with a 6-12.9 MOA dot that is going to be for close engagements but will block out most of your abilities to hit targets at longer ranges.   If you are doing the ACOG and the Trijicon RMR Sights Combo, the only negative besides burning a hole in  your pocket, would be the height of the optic and  your POI impact.


There were Movies about Cops and Robbers and now, Bad guys are Chemists

Trijicon ACOGSSure thinks like Opium, Ayahuasca and Marijuana have been for a long, long time, and they are very well embedded into different cultures, for Religious experious, cultural rituals or just because it feels good and a society has accepted it.  You can always weight the tolerances on morality and different belief systems but in America, sometimes its just because people want the experience.   There is a certain point people have to make decisions for themselves and from an adult/parent point of view, I hope none of my kids are dumb enough to take something off the street that manufactured by somebody working in a lab out of their basement.  The reality of what goes on at Certain Colleges, especially the whole “Rave” thing is almost a survival of the fittest and from a Law Enforcement point of view it’s extremely disturbing to see these young beautiful women caving in to this environment and after talking to so many in Emergency Services about the growing problems.   The New Voltage Pictures  Steven Seagul Red Box Action/Crime movie,  gets into what is really going on with how drug operations are, with bad heroin, ecstasy ect.   To be a Cop these days and realize you can only get so far down the chain, most of the time, to shutdown drug operations is a sad reality and it’s more like “whack a mole” because the chain usually goes further. Steven Seagul Action Movies Street Wars Trailer

Cop movies use to be about bank robbers and the Mafias or a syndicate, but shows like “Breaking Bad” kind of shocked people because it’s rare that people understand that so many of the drugs, like Crystal Meth or even Ecstasy, are made in a Lab in someones home and the occasional “bad dope” gets a news story because of all the deaths that hospitals report, and the sick thing is sometimes, many times, it’s all part of the drug operations game plan.   Steven Seagul is back as Elijah Kane in the next part of the True Justice Series called “Street Wars”  I picked up late in the series but have been on-board and looking forward to the June 3rd release of “Street Wars” on RedBox.   Redbox is all over the place and sometimes a better “movie night” option than what you are limited to on your FIOS or Comcast Cable networks.

In “Street Wars” Elijah Kane picks up the trail of drug operation after a fatality at a Rave Club and his department is sent to investigate.   With so many that are in the drug culture,  there’s a segment that like the party life, and don’t feel involved with the violence and brutality of what drugs, money and greed brings out in people.  Elijah Kane is the Action Hero not afraid to wield a Benelli M4 Shotgun or take the bad guys down with his bare hands and the tough Female Cop Co-Stars-  Meghan Ory ( Juliet Saunders) and Sarah Lind (Sarah Montgomery)  have gun fight scenes with Glocks, H&K MP5s which looked decked out with Trijicon ACOGS  and look like TA01 models, while battling and fighting the bad guys while  Elijah Kane beguns uncovering and shutting down a far reaching opration that may lead back to dirty cop in his Cities Police Department.   I’m noticing lots of equipment changes and firearms added into the “Street Wars” action but as an action Movie Buff and Law Enforcement Industry worker I’m entertained.



When choosing iron sights other than Magpul

Troy Night SightsFlip Up Rear Sights The products we get asked about the most when discussing various AR15 battle sights are almost always either Magpul Flip up sights or Troy Industries.  One thing you should notice when shopping for accessories is noticing what AR15 Carbines are being sold with certain packages, and the reason they do is because that’s how people usually like them.   There are plenty of upper receivers that we sell that come with the iron sights on them and Troy battle sights are one of them.   I have a couple LWRCI Carbines that have the LWRC Logo on the sights but they are all made by Troy Industries.   Recently I attended a low light suppressed shoot and got to test out various night sighting systems, Trijicon and Surefire products were all over the range, but there were trade offs with every product.

The night sights of the past are now becoming even more out dated because they were mostly meant for handguns.  Now many AR15 sighting systems have certain pattern Troy SightsFixed Sights sights built into the rear sight that can make identifying your sight picture.   It’s amazing how color and brightness can affect whether or not you can even get a shot off.   There are reasons why most military and Law Enforcement have moved towards green lasers and green reticles and it’s not a bad idea to pick up Troy fixed or fold down sights for their Carbines.   Front sight night sights are very common but that doesn’t always help out and sometimes some foresight into dropping the cash for a rear sight is a good way to go.



Suggestions on AR15 builds

We have a very large customer base that are very mechanically inclined, from engineers to various types of mechanics, it’s ofter surprising to some of my friends that think that gun owners are red necks that buy these types of firearms because they think the world is going to end or that it’s about military weapons and violence.   There are always wack jobs on both sides of the Political spectrum, but there is something about the AR15 that the mechanically inclined tend to be drawn to.  It’s not all about accessorizing andAR15 Complete Upper ReceiversAR15 rail systemsAR15 uppers for sale G.I. Joe, it’s about proficiency, efficiency, customization and pushing designs.  There is not much differencSpikes M4 Upper receivere between Aeronautics, Ballistics and Rocket science.   The discussions about cubic inches of pressure, twist rates, air pressure, humidity levels and sea level are every day discussions amongst our clients.

The biggest draw to our store as far are parts are the Magpul Industries accessories and Spike’s Tactical upper receivers and various types of 300 blackout.    There are always price levels to consider with certain AR15 Complete Upper Receivers and if you aren’t ready and ask specific questions on what is best, expect there to be stick shock.  Colt Firearms have a proven track record, probable more so than any other AR15 but when you get into suppressed firearms, you have preferences in types of rail systems, there are other companies offering better platforms.  Don’t forget about our rewards points and free shipping on orders over $150.   For some of the upper receivers that we sell, you can get $20-$30 back in rewards points just by setting up an account.


Daniel Defense Upper Receivers for self defense and hunting

Daniel Defense  Upper ReceieversWe are often asked questions that are simple questions but open us up to a lot of liabilities because in this industry, if you don’t know what you want, we can’t tell you what to get.   We can give you suggestions based upon your questions but questions like “I want a comfortable holster” and “what’s better, S&W upper receivers or Daniel Defense?”   There are some major advances it technology that have made military style rifles  much stronger and lighter than ever before and Daniel Defense is probable the leader in those regards.  Some of their upper receivers are in the 4lb range and are incredible durable.   The cold hammer forged barrels are incredible strong and a great many of these are used in Special Forces.

The barrels come pre-threaded so these are suppressor friendly which is a major plus since so many people are realizing the value of having suppressed firearms.     There are a lot of differences in Daniel Defense Upper receivers but the best thing to do when shopping for a build or hunting rifle is to go to a store that stocks them or hang out at a gun club with your friends that own them.   The Ambush line of Daniel Defense is geared more towards hunting because even though the AR15 started out as a military style weapon, it has been widely accepted as a good coyote or varmint rifle.   The versatility of the AR15 is in it’s ability to swap  out different upper receivers that can be  used for long range, different bullet weights and different optics.


Tested gear in a breakable world

slingsTroy flash suppressorsTroy Charging HandlesI’ve already got enough experience in this industry to see reticles spin inside a scope tube, folding foregrips crack, firearms explode, magazines blow out and basic operator induced malfunctions.   I think it’s kind of funny that so many of the firearm training DVDs that I have watched about handguns and rifles seem redundant, but the truth of the matter is that Administrative Loading and Unloading can’t be taught enough.   I’ve out shot ARTroy Rail PanelsTroy Gas BlocksTroy Pistol GripsTroy ForegripTroy Trigger GuardTroy QD Sling attachmentTroy Stock attachment15s with Mini 14 because I know the ballistic capabilities and 5.56 bullet twist rate and the pros and cons of each caliber and firearm.   Firearms especially rifles are more like Golf Clubs.   You can’t use a putter to drive a ball accurate, a wedge isn’t good on the green and a wood isn’t good for putting.

Many firearms that people own don’t have a lot of rounds through them, probable because most gun owners are hunters that only bring their guns out a few times a year and might only check their zero and others are in the “plinking” category.  There are several really good brand names that we saw at Shot Show this year but Troy firearm accessories from pistol grips to slings, iron front sights and rear sights, gas block sights to their rail systems, are in high visibility.   There are a ton of grip accessories and plastic accessories at gun shows but name brands mean something.   Troy gun accessories and Magpul Industries have a large customer base for a reason.


Carbine modifications and consistency with furniture

Magpul StocksI’ve tried out several modifications on my M4 and some of them just didn’t cut it.   There are plenty of brands that show up at gun shows and look cool, but i’ve taken that plunge, can’t remember the brand names of all of them, but then cracked grips and wobble parts will eventually show face on the firing line.   I’ve got about 8yrs on the LWRC M6A1 and although it’s got the newer piston design than it originally was designed with, castle nuts have come loose, folding foregrips have broken and magazines have failed.   All mechanical devices have their breaking point and for people who are in situations where that can mean death, all I have to say is, Smart people tend to live longer.

I see all the fragility of many of these airsoft guns out there, but for youth just having fun, it’s a learning experience.    The difference between the Magpul stocks is significant because you have to find that sweet spot with your cheek weld and not everyone is going to be the same.   Hand sizes can differe and someone with small hands is not going to want the AFG1 or a Tapco SAW Grip.   The most popular AR15 grips from our point of you are the Hogue finger groove grips and the Magpul MOE + rubber grips.   Some  batter compartments and gun cleaning kits do not work in both the MAGPUL MOE Grip and the Magpul MOE + so if you have something you are using presently be careful you don’t do an upgrade and find out some of your gear won’t transition over.


Magazine Capacity and Drama

MGMPI571BLK-2TOne of the biggest lies that goes around the anti-gun propaganda machine is with magazine capacity.   There is so much emotionalism when people hear “high capacity” like this is for something that is above the norm.    “Rate of fire” is another one that goes around the news networks and there is a very funny California Rep that made a royal jackass out of himself by falling victim to all of the outlandish and inaccurate specs for the AR15 SBR that he  was holding up.  Folks, Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons can do more damage to a civilization than the 1950’s designed AR15.  I personally believe that an AR15 is a better urban self defense weapon than any handgun and people are far less prone to accidents with rifles than they are with handguns.

Magpul inc. is going to go down in history as a patriotic company that was under assault by an overzealous Government and the blowback that occurred in Colorado against it’s Politicians, has been set in motion with the recalls and this November, you can expect more.   Probable the best balance for an AR15 are 20rd pmags, but the most common are the Magpul 30rd Pmags that seem to have become a staple for any AR15 owner.   I’ve checked out some Lancer products because many of our competition shooters use them, but Magpul Industries has so many good products it’s been hard to not keep expanding their product line.


Your rifle barrel length doesn’t tell us anything

Elite Survival Systems gun casesWe deal with a higher class clientele than most gun shops deal with.  The higher quality optics like Aimpoint, Trijicon and Eotech with the bring in a different crowd and we specifically target “Made in the USA” products.   It’s hard to get away from imported products, but if you actually monitor the manufacturing process, a great many of the products that say “Made in China” may only have been assembled there even those American Made parts are in  it.  We’ve found that people are willing to spend a bucks more because walking around in a Police Department with Made in China back packs or gun cases is somewhat disturbing.

The AR15 is the most common firearm in the Country right now and everyone from 18yrs old to 75yrs old are getting their first firearm.     When it comes to shopping for gun cases, it’s hard to justify putting a $1200 or $3500 firearm in a gun case that costs $35 and expect it to protect in transport.  Our chosen tactical nylon product line and gun cases are the Elite Survival Systems gun cases.   One needs to measure the entire overall length of the firearm when it is collapsed to be able to shop for a gun case.   Flash suppressors and buttstock extensions can add several inches to the factory OAL and it’ll be easier if you know this before you shop/


Contrast is a good thing when aiming

Trijicon night sightsRecently a local Police Department told their Officers to not wear white t-shirts because it would be considered a target indicator for a bad guy and everything has to be black.    While some might laugh at this, it’s can be true depending on your risk factor.   There was much debate years ago with the Eotac vs Woolrich Elite lightweight operator pants because the Woolrich Elite pants, no matter what color pant you choose, had a strap by the lower ankle pocket that had a black strap on it.   If yo had Khaki pants, there was a black strap, if you had OD pants there was a black strap and many customers that were deployed in Iraq complained about this and went with the Eotac brand.   Think it’s stupid?  If you don’t understand, the point of camouflage isn’t always to hide the entire body, it’s also to help breakup what part of your body to aim at.  If you tell them where your center mass is, that’s where they are going to aim.

In regards to getting a good sight picture with handguns and rifles, moving away from black iron sights on a handgun is going to be beneficial.   Most self defense shootings occur in low light and lots of people are switching to Meprolite sights and the Trijicon night sights for their sidearms.   Several Police Departments are ordering their Glocks with Meprolite green front and rear, but the Trijicon High Definition sights have out sold them 10 to 1.    Glock sights are probable the easiest sights to change and locally we have a gunsmith that can do the change for about $35.   The Trijicon HD or High Definition sights are going to get picked up by your eyes in bright light and low light far better than relying on your factory sights that might only give you a white outline.

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