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If you’re looking for something extremely light weight while we transition into hot weather clothing season, this is the best thing besides wearing shorts.  The pocket designs are completely different than anything else in the Tru-Spec inventory but it is something I personally wear and highly suggest for hot weather.   The 100% nylon pant is so lightweight that I would not recommend it for pocket carry unless you put a piece of cardboard or or something that helps avoid printing because you will print in these.  There is a 65/35 poly cotton ripstop version of this pant but I don’t find it as cutting edge. Tru-Spec 24-7 SERIES ECLIPSE TACTICAL PANTS is best worn in the nylon style but it is extremely forgiving in hot weather.

I always have to transition my knife to the side leg pockets and my Kimber pepper blaster to the other leg pocket but theses are extremely popular in the lower half of the Country.  Tru-Spec 24-7 SERIES ECLIPSE TACTICAL PANTS is highly breathable and when it’s in the 90F range, the difference in sweating and fatigue is considerable.   This is something I consider as a trade off for much of the 100% cotton ripstop pants that were in my inventory.   There is no elastic waistband so you are going to have to be more accurate in finding your actual size and if you are going to be carrying IWB you are going to have to consider a size up.


Rothco Concealed Carry Vests something to consider if you don’t want to pocket carry

That seems to be the dilemma with the season change.   The Smith & Wesson Shield is probable the most popular firearms right now because everyone is getting them with a $75 rebate and from a local gun shop.   It’s still cold this May of 2017 in Pennsylvania, but as soon as it gets hot, it’s pretty much shorts and a t-shirt for most of our customers.   We’re actively researching new products lines because many of the pocket carry friendly clothing brands we use to sell are no longer available.  It’s also getting  harder and harder to find real CCW vests because so many of them are overly designed and tactical.

The Rothco Under Cover Travel Vest and the Rothco Concealed Carry Softshell vests are exactly what caught our eye that we knew our customer base would like.   We’ve only been selling their products for a few months but they are reasonable priced and cut for CCW.  There are other Rothco Concealed Carry Vests, but I wish there was a 100% cotton version of the Rothco Professional Concealed Carry vest because it looks exactly like the Eotac 102 lightweight vest that so many IDPA competitors wore, but it is slightly heavier weight which might be an issue with some of our customers.


Tru-Spec Vector Pants a Tru-Competitor Pant

There aren’t many companies that are invested in the competition world like Tru-Spec.  Sure some companies can donate products or sponsor shooters, but not everyone is developing products for them.  It’s not just about comfort, it’s not just about price point, it’s about having pockets in places that are useful and make doing mag changes faster, and make you win.   Some tactical pants can be useful if you if you have large BDU type pockets and use it as a mag dump, but good luck trying to find pants that actually hold AR15 style magazines in the actual pockets.

There are several new pants that came out from Tru-Spec that are very different from there usual product development and the Tru-Spec Vector pants are one of them.   These are definitely an over-kill for CCW or casual, but they are outstanding if you need pants that you can stow handgun and rifle mags in.   We have a Youtube video from Tru-Spec that shows how the product looks, some of it’s design features ect, so check that out while you’re at it.   Instead of having to pick up extra mag pouches, why not pick up Tru-Spec Vector pants and see how much you can carry for $54.95 a pair.


Concealed Carry Vest Options if you wore Eotac Vests or Woolrich Elite Vests, now what? Rothco Vests

We have always had a very strong presence in the competition shooting sports, primarily because an enormous number of people that shoot IDPA, 3 Gun ect. wore the extremely popular Woolrich Elite 4424 Light Weight Tactical Vest, and we are proud to have attended and watched people use them at the IDPA Nationals that were hosted 2 times here in Pennsylvania several years ago.   There are plenty of vests out there that you can wear on the range, but can you wear it on the range and wear it with your EDC?   5.11 Tactical has always had several options, but some of their vests are too tactical or they design them and discontinue them before you can get around to getting one.   Tru-Spec had 2 vests and discontinued both of them and were not seeing a new one yet, even though we heard rumors they were working on one.  We’ve recently picked up the Rothco Vests and the majority of the Rothco product line because it really seems to have grown in the concealed carry market which, compared to many other tactical clothing lines, they don’t do CCW very well.

I can speak for the long term quality control of the entire product line, but seeing that Rothco has well over 100,000 Facebook likers, they have a lot of people where their stuff.   It still amazes the number of Rudy Project Competitors that were still wearing the Woolrich Elite 4424 and Eotac 102 Vests were have long ceased to exist, but in 2017 we really only can suggest people consider the 5.11 Tactical or Rothco Vests for competition sports or Concealed Carry.  There is always going to be issues and complaints about the material that is used, in hot weather, people want 100% cotton ripstop, but good luck trying to find a manufacturer for that, the majority of them are going to be 65/35 Polyester Cotton Ripstop or the Rothco 60% Cotton 40% Polyester.   The stiffer material sweeps better but it doesn’t breath as well as the all cotton.


New Tru-Spec Pants that keep your shirt tucked in!

Years ago I remember people complaining how SHOT Show was saturated with tactical clothing.  I’d have to say that I don’t think that’s the case anymore.   Several years ago 5.11 Tactical raised the prices of their clothing by 25% and I can’t count the times I’ve heard people say that 5.11 is getting too expensive. Vertx use to be popular with military contractors but there aren’t as many people deployed and we don’t get asked to carry them like we use to. I think you can pretty much say that the sweet spot for most people’s spending budget is around $50 or less, for a pair of pants, and that’s where the majority of the Tru-Spec Pants are priced at.  Even though 5.11 still has some very well made and designed products, its far above what we see the average Police Officer willing to spend.

If you haven’t been paying attention to what President Trump has been saying about China and foreign manufacturing vs Made in the USA,  you had to raise your prices when cotton shot up over 200% at one point and some Countries have a monopoly on manufacturing of clothing. We saw several companies get out of the business in the last 5yrs because the military cut backs had huge impacts on how many people were wearing this stuff.    Tru-Spec owns their own factory and I’ve never seen sticker shock with any of their products.

We picked up the Tru-Spec line several years ago, and in our neck of the woods, they didn’t have the name recognition that Propper, 5.11 or even Rothco.   All you have to do is check around Facebook and see how many “Likes” a company has to know how many people are wearing it or know about it.  When we first picked up Tru-Spec they had several products that we tested out that gave us something at a better price point than 5.11,  even though the product line was not as diverse as 5.11  or the now defunct Woolrich Elite Series.

If you do a quick check over at Tru-Spec’s Facebook page you can see how highly invested they are in competition sports and coming out with New products.  The pace seems to have picked up in the last 2yrs and and recently there have been several new Tru-Spec Pants that we are going to bring on to inventory because we think it’s going to gain traction.  Tru-Spec Vector Pants and the Tru-Spec Delta pants they kind of took a hint from the popular Blackhawk Tactical Pants that were extremely popular years ago, but like many companies, Blackhawk got out of the business (they seem to want to get back in, in 2017 though).   The New Vector-Poly/Cotton, and Delta-All Cotton with spandex pants, have a silicone liner that keep your shirt tucked in and with Winter being in full swing, it’s nice to put an end to that feeling of having cold air sneak up your back because your shirt is coming out.  That’s a major selling point for people that actually work in this stuff.  I’m also glad they came out with something else besides another Poly/Cotton pant.


Tru-Spec Men’s Tactical Boot Cut Pants – Formerly the Gunny Pant

 Tru-Spec Men's Tactical Boot Cut TrousersThis was actually the first pant that I “really” liked that Tru-Spec made.   There is kind of a trademark design that Tru-Spec always had with the way their pockets were cut, and this was more of a design that I preferred due to the rear wallet pockets having a straight look and not the angled cut that the majority of the Tru-Spec 24/ Series pants had.   The BDU Pockets are also designed differently with an open slotted pocket on the outside and a larger BDU pocket behind it.  Now that so many people are carrying cell phones this was an easy access pocket for something just like that.   Once you star wearing clothing like this you don’t really need a belt cell phone carrier anymore.

This is something that people really have a preference over and often ask for the boot cut or non-boot cut.  Just like there are differences in the way jeans are designed, not all tactical clothing companies have the same cut, or fit, even if the waist sizes are the same.   Tru-Spec Men’s Tactical Boot Cut Pants are available in Black or Khaki and also still in the $44.95 dollar range, there are also several other fit designs within the Tru-Spec product line so if one isn’t for you, you still have other styles like the Tru-Spec Ascent, Tru-Spec Eclipse and Tru-Spec Simply Tactical.


Tru-Spec Cool Camp shirts, might want to work these into your wardrobe

Tru-Spec Cool Camp Shirts


We’ve seen a lot of CCW clothing come and go in recent years, one of the biggest problems we see is cost of manufacturing, changes in the market and poor marketing.   So much of the CCW clothing is still too tactical to be low profile.   One of the major reasons we became a dealer for Tru-Spec is when I personally ordered clothing for myself to try on, it was actually the same size and that Blackhawk and Woolrich Elite were.   There are always fit and design differences and it’s very hard to make a shirt that fits everyone because tall and short sizes are what people really come in.   When it comes to hot weather, much of the Country resorts to t-shirts and shorts and if you are IWB or OWB  you have to be careful you aren’t printing which can and does have all kinds of ramifications.

In regards to printing, we have people constantly expect us to give them a magic holster that is comfortable and doesn’t print, but our response is always, you have to “dress” to the firearm that you wish to carry.   If you are looking for an extremely lightweight and breathable CCW shirt, definitely the Tru-Spec Cool Camp Shirts, which to sum up quickly, is a good cut, for CCW.   The Cool Camp Shirts are a 2nd version that Tru-Spec has made, we’re hoping to see more of this because this is the closest thing to any of types of products the now discontinued Woolrich Elite Series shirt inventory had.


Switching from pants to shorts and cold weather to warm weather check out Tru Spec Shorts in this year

Tru Spec Eclipse ShortsTru Spec 24-7 SERIES MEN'S 9" SHORTSTru Spec Simple Tactical ShortsI’ve got as much variation in tactical clothing in my wardrobe as I do with holsters sitting in a box in my closet.  Some products I hardly wear but keep around for nostalgia like digital camo or lizard pattern military jackets.   I’ve got different fabrics, different fits and and occasionally where them.   Then there are the things I wear all the time and usually have to replace every couple of years.  It’s close to 4yrs I’ve had Tru Spec products in my rotation and I’ve often found that the number of styles I and colors is building up.   The cotton canvas pants are better for winter weather but the 65%/35% polyester cotton ripstop material can get you through most of the year probable 45F-85F, after that, depending on your heat tolerance, you might want to switch to the 100% nylon pants like the Tru Spec Eclipse pants.

When talking about wearing shorts, the Tru Spec 9″ poly/cotton ripstop shorts are our #1 selling shorts and the waist sizing is the same at the pants so it’s an easy switch over from Tru Spec pants to Tru Spec Shorts.   Last year Tru Spec added the Tru Spec Eclipse shorts to their inventory which is a different cut, does not have an elastic waistband and is extremely lightweight being made in the 100% nylon, if you are pocket carrying I would suggest going with the darker colors because since this made of such a lightweight material you may find “printing” depending on how good of a pocket holster you are using.


Looking for utility friendly pants without BDU pockets? Try Tru Spec Mens Classic Pants

Tru Spec Mens Classic PantsEvery once in awhile we get people that come to our store because we stock a lot of the things that people don’t like to buy online namely, clothing and holsters.   Now that Tru Spec has gained so much ground in the competitive tactical clothing market it pays to be stock different styles.  It’s pretty much assumed that most of our customers are gun owners, and carry firearms, but not everyone does.   There are a considerable number of people that just like where various tactical pants because they need it for the tools or job they do for a living.  Having pants with  pockets that are friendly to carrying knives or multitools without punching holes through them or un-necessary wear is not common at a shopping mall.

One of the popular styles that we are going to stock more of are the Tru Spec Mens Classic Pants because they have all of the utility applications of many of the tactical pants “without” a BDU pocket which is usually the dead giveaway that your a Cop or Military personnel.   There is a hidden zipper pocket on both legs that come in handy when  you are driving a car or on trip on a plain, or just don’t need a pocket as large as most BDU pants.   The best thing about this style of pant  is that if you are already where the other 24/7 pants you aren’t going to have trouble with sizing like you would with other brands, consistency in sizing is something that we’ve always liked about Tru Spec products.


Tru-Spec Outwear, Softshell Jackets, Parkas and Polar Fleece

TruSpec OuterwearI’ve been in the tactical clothing industry for over 10yrs and at first it just wasn’t my thing because I didn’t really fit into that tactical ninja look.   I’ve been amazed to see how the image of product and what it is used for can change just by wearing a different color.   We sell a lot of the coyote color Softshell jackts and even the 24/7 Tactical pants to plumbers, landscapers and hunters.  The differences in image for the M65 Jackets from Woodland Camo, Black and Brown all give a different look even though the pocket designs and usefulness are the same.

There are several people making softshell jackets but the one thing we always found Tru-Spec to compete in is there  quality control and price point.   We see a lot of over priced products in this market but one stable factor in all of the Tru-Spec outerwear product line is the fact that Tru-Spec owns there own factories and if they need something made they get inventory back to dealers faster than the majority of the others we have dealt with

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