The Problem with lasers on firearms

crimson trace laser gripsThis is post is for the novice shooters out there because anyone in Law Enforcement is going to find this out on the first training day.   Lasers have improved greatly over the years and I personally haven’t changed the batteries in my j-frame Crimson Trace laser grip in almost 4yrs.   Lasers should hardly be used and a great asset for small firearms that have a short radius, most .380 guns or compact firearms.    Lasers are used in movies the way a new shooter might thing they are but they are not going to improve your accuracy.   All you need to do is have someone “try” to hold it directly on the target and just watch how much it  shakes and bounces.

Lasers are probable used as pointing devices or high lighting targets more than they are used for precision.  One thing that has changed in recent years, especially pertaining to Crimson Trace Laser grips for some autos is they are now mounted higher on the grip and if you buy the correct model, they are aligned more with the bore not off the side of the grip.  The best location for a laser grip is above the bore or directly below it.    For rifles, I’ve seen operators have deteriorating scores when transitioning from iron sights to laser sights, so just like flashlights, learn to use it the appropriate way.   There are some good training DVDs and online videos on the Panteao Productions – Make Ready library so if you want to check those out before you accessorize too much.


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