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When that’s all you need is..

Fobus HolstersFobus holsters are probable the most popular paddle holster.  Lots of manufacturers have put out similiar items, but Fobus still holds its own in the market. While IMHO it may not be all that comfortable to use too many paddle holder accessories along with your holster, the standard Fobus fobus makes a nice flashlight magazine combo accessory.   If you are wearing a good gun belt, they will float very nicely on your waist.  Fobus makes a  holster for right handed and left handed shooters.   One suggestion about choosing the a holster may be to pay attention to the gun angle that you prefer, while I don’t think it’s a good idea to have much movement with a holster, the roto holster may be for you.  For those going to Carbine Course and looking for a comfortable sidearm holster, I highly recommend them for your favorite, Glock, Sig, Taurus, Beretta or 1911.

I believe I’ve spent more time on the range than the average gun owner.   Once you’ve been in the industry long enough you start to realize that best and better, are rarely applicable to accessories.   We know  that some firearms are better than others in certain respects but just like golf clubs, each item is only good for it’s intended purposes.  Fobus Holsters have been a sidearm staple for many novice and expert gun toters.   You’ll rarely walk into a gun shop that sells holsters that isn’t carrying Fobus products, the reason?   Because when all you need is a gun holster, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money and Fobus will probable have something for you.   Many novice gun owners have trouble getting use to IWB  or Inside the Waist Band holster.  If you’re carrying a full side or medium size revolver or auto, you’ll figure it out fast enough.


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