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Five Decades of Manufacturering experience

Don Hume Holsters

Some gun owners make the claim that there are huge differences between holsters designs and what’s really the best.   Well, sorry to bust your chops, but the difference between man guns and the accessories we use with them are as broad as any mans preferences in women. Don Hume holsters have been being made for over 5 decades and the company has lots of expereince in listening to their customer base.   Just think of how much firearms have changed in the last 20yrs and think about how hard it is to keep up with the industry.

Don Hume clip on holsters are a bit of a staple for most gun shops.   The disclaimer for all clip on gun belts is this and it really does come down to this for MOST practical purposes…..”make sure you use a good gun belt and you’ll be fine.   Let’s be real and not get carried away with things like “clip on holsters will fall off if you jump around a lot.   Well, not everyone is going to be jumping fences or hanging upside down from trees while CCW their firearm.  Don Hume IWB H715 are highly recommend for basic day to day concealed carry.  You can have your choose of the holster in the traditional brown or the black.  For OWB or outside the waistband Done Hume holsters also have a paddle holster.  The 7210T is a belt slotted holster for a more permanent and secure way of carrying, there are pros and cons to the slot vs. clip on, but if you’ve got a brain between your ears you can figure it out.

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