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Walk slowly

Galco HolstersSelecting the right holster for you and going to take some work.   The best thing you can do before you start carrying a firearm is figure out what kind of gun you really want to carry and then go from there.   Some people want to carry a full size auto right off the bat and then find out which holster works for them.   Firearms can be carried in various ways, but situations and comfort are really the key.   I have a friend that carries a full size Springfield 1911 and claims there is no difference in carry that vs a smaller auto.

If you get a good belt like a Wilderness Instrcutor belt or something that has real support, you’ll be amazed at how those heavy pistols don’t really feel like their dragging around with you. Galco holsters has a diverse product line, people need to really know what it’s like to tote a pistol around IWB all day to know where to wear it on their belt and what their tolerances are.  If you are constantly readjusting  your gun while you are out and about, you may want to consider a different belt, holster, or firearm.   Thats one way to giveaway your concealment if you are being monitored by a BG.  Galco leather holsters come in IWB, OWB, Shoulder holster, belt slot holster, ankle, waist pack (or commonly known as fanny pack).   It may also be wise to consider summer/winter holsters and possible a t-shirt and suit and tie holster.    No one holster is going to work for all of these situations so walk slowly.

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