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Military style jacket adapted to modern times

Eotac Field JacketI’ve seen a few military style jackets at Army Navy type stores, but most wearers are using them just for the look, but not because they really use it for any practical purpose.   There are some military style jackets that have good outdoor applications, but recently the very innovative and emerging tactical apparel company called Eotac, has developed something new.   The Eotac 502 Field Jackets is far superior to the Woolrich Elite Algerian jacket that has been on the market for a few years.   Both jackets are based on the Algerian style military jacket issued in the 1950’s.

The Eotac field Jackets has snap on pocket encosures and not velcro or as some like to call it, hook and loop.   I never thought this was much a thing to worry about, but several of our military and law enforcement customers have informed us that velcro wears out and is also very loud.   We didn’t thik about that, but the developers of the Eotac line obviously did.  The Field Jacket arm length is also properly designed.   All of us are build differently and not every shirt or jacket is going to work for everyone just because we have the same chest measurements, but we feel the Elite Operator Tactical Field Jacket is much better designed.  The 501 is also available in the Lizard Patter Camo that many of the original Algerian jackets came in.  The zippered sleeve pocket on the Field Jacket has a pen pocket and can hold something as large as a note pad or blackberry.  You will be able to carry just about any configuration of magazines, flashlights, knives, pepper spray ect. once you get use to all of the pockets, just be careful you don’t loose your gear in this jacket because there are so many places to put your stuff.


Elite Operator Tactical Jacket

Tactical JacketsThe Eotac Field Jacket has plent of accessorie pockets and is better designed that your Grandads military jacket.   The snap buttons don’t wear out or sound as loud as velcro and this is a great top layer to wear in cold climates where standard winter jackets make carry gear troublesome.    We can this jacket is for everyone, and you’ll need to wear heavy clothing or a nice base layer if you are thinking of wearing this in 20F weather, but if you need to carry a gun on your waist this jacket breaks open very easily and can still make winter carry easier than other jacket types.   The front pockets will help fulfill your needs if you are carrying a knife or flashlight with the well placed internal elastic bands.  The snap buttons will also make sure you know your gear is fastened tightly.

The new tactical apparel company called Eotac has a new tactical jacket on the market.   The reviews we’ve gotten from our customers good.   We’ve seen a few similiar style jackets like this, but we have the least complaints and returns compared to similiar style tactical jackets.    Many in the concealed carry market are always looking for something that is concealed carry friendly and  not too tactical, but when you have something that looks so stylish and historically cool looking and works for your image, well, why worry.   Not every person wearing camoflauge is carrying an M16 or M9 on them so you don’t always have to be that concerned that you’ll get noticed.


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