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Tactical, Practical and vesatility

Tactical KnivesMany of us think we know what tactical knives are for, but not everyone may think they need it for anything other than putting butter on bread or cutting something open.   The reality is knives have been used in the military for everything from combat, cooking, opening ammo cans, hunting, bayonets ect. that trying to explain what a knife actually does, is pointless.   For most practical purposes most people probable don’t need a knive longer than 2-3″ but the older I get,  the more I realize that carring a knife at all times can be usefel and can even save lives.  While folding knives such as the  Columbia river crk1090 is a practical knife that can be folded to fit into a pocket easier than a non folding knife.  We have to think about which size knife we can comfortable carry just like we think about guns.
Some knives like the Kershaw zipper is a great thing to have around if you are travelling in a car or on the road alot.   A knife like this can easily be used to cut a seatbelt off.    Try cutting a seatbelt off and you’ll understand why they design knives like this.  It may even be something  you want to keep in  your glove compartment just incase you’re the one trapped in your own car.  Crazy things can happen in this world and being prepared is one way to live longer and save lives.  Mil-Tac, Spyderco, Kbar, Cold Steel, Command Arms, SOG Knives, Leathermen, Kershaw, Blackhawk and Emerson all made quality knives.   You can always pickup a trusty swiss army knive if you wan’t versatility, but that’s not always the best when it comes to day to day carry.

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