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Concealed Carry Instructor shirt

Tactical ShirtsThe Eotac zip up shirt is also very popular amongst firearm instructors because the back  is  mesh lined vented bi-swing which provides you with freedom of movement and maximum air flow.   Many of our customers that work on the training courses like the ability to zip it down just because it gets hot.  The front left pocket has a pen pocket as well as the left shoulder sleeve.  On the long sleeve 402 version you can roll up and button the sleeves is it is warming up on you.  If you are a firearm instructor this is the shirt you should have in your closet.

We know that many companies out there refer to everything as concealed carry or tactical, but most of us that work in the industry can spot a gun owner about 90% of the time if we see a clip on knife in a pocket, keeps adjusting their belt, wearing 5.11 type pants ect.      The company known as EOTAC has put some inovative apparel on the market and one of my favorite shirts to this day is the 401 short sleeve shirt.   Due to the false buttons and zip up shirt, you can literally wear a should holster under this shirt and still be able to retrieve your weapon with a quick zip down of the shirt.   The 402 Eotac shirt is the long sleeve version.  Both tactical shirts will work in moderate temperatures and we’ve found this shirt to be an excellent option for deep cover concealement especially in the winter.


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