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Tactical Shooting Sports acquires new dress code

Tactical ShirtsWhat else is new about this shirt? This new polo shirt has unique sleeve designs giving you a better range of motion without feeling your shirt move around.    The combination of raglan sleeves, one piece underarm gusset and side panels, and our Eotac’s Tact-Fit Sizing means unique comfort.  If you’ve been looking for a lighterweight polo shirt from Eotac, this is what you waited for.  The Style 410 Polo will be available in, Black, Khaki, Navy, Red, Light blue, Royal Blue, Grey, Hunter Green,  and the much waited for…. White Polo.

We just got word that the company known as Eotac has a new polo shirt coming out.   The new Men’s operator grade shooting sports polo was a good move on the part of Eotac.   We’ve seen their tactical polo shirts as well as other companies tactical shirts, but it’s nice to see something a little dressier and not LEO or military looking.  Some of the other polo shirts we’ve seen on the market were a little heavy and you’ll notice that in the summer months.  For those of us that need to be dressed up and can’t go to work or the office in an Iron Maiden T-shirt,  the Eotac shooting sports polo is another option.  If you are on a shooting team at your gun club, this may be something you’ll want to show off and get embroidered.   There are 9 colors coming out in 2010.


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