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Rifle Storage

Gun CasesMany of us know what it’s like to own a 18 gun rifle safe, but it really only holds 12 of our rifles.   Sometimes estimating storage space for firearms can be difficult do to all of the customized accessories that we put on them.    For instance, 12 guns with 20-50MM optics on them and owning semi-autos with 30rd magazines can take up a lot of room.  Some gun safes will be designed for standing up your guns, but where do you put all of your magazines, sight in tools, targets ect?

One way to clean up your gun safe is don’t put all of your stuff in there that you don’t need to put in there.  For how much it costs for a decent soft gun case you can easily spend less than a $200 and put most of  your semi-auto magazines, targets and sight in tools in Bulldog, Uncle Mikes or other tactical carbine or assault case.   I’ve seen some nightmarish incedences where people have so much junk cluttered in their safe that one big clunk could damage a $1000 optic.    I’d suggest finding a closet in your house that can be locked where all of your accessories, magazines ect can be organized so it doesn’t clutter your safe. Unless you’ve got $3000 to spend and a basement big enough to store a huge safe, there’s always a practical way of storing your guns without spending much money.

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