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Winter Options

Tactical ApparelYou’ve heard that word before, but this time we actually have something that is tactical, useful, warm and makes concealed carry easier in the winter months.   There are plenty of half-zip sweatshirts out there, you see them at Cabela’s or your local outdoor sporting goods store, but all of them make carrying a little more difficult in cold weather.   Wearing slightly over-sized T-Shirts make carrying easier, but after putting on more than 2 layers of clothing, carrying IWB or OWB becomes dangerously cumbersome.
The Eotac Style 501 Half-Zip sweatshirt gives an operator another tactical apparel option.  The 14 oz. 80% cotton / 20% polyester, preshrunk and washed sweatshirt looks and feels like a normal sweatshirt, but the sides of the shirt has break open flaps that make drawing your firearm easier, or just reaching for your cell phone for that matter.   Most never liked the idea of carrying a firearm outside of their body  in a jacket or vest.   I really like this item.   With a nice base layer over a T-Shirt,  then 1 of these 501 Sweatshirts, and you’re good to go for most Cold weather carry.  These come in Charcoal, Olive, Brown and Navy blue.

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