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Tactical Apparel

Woolrich Elite Shirts

This shirt design has become a popular uniform for those not looking to wear BDUs while in the field.  They and shirts designed similiarly are extremely popular with those working security details in Iraq and Afghanistan and even down in South America.    Each shirt is available in sizes S-3X, and colors choices of Black, Khaki, Sage, and Navy Blue.


Woolrich Elite Shirts have been on the tactical apparel market and are some of the finest quality clothing.   The Style 4901 and Style 4902 shirts you will have a 3 piece ventilated back for keeping the body cool with a more durable shirt design for those working in the security or law enforcement.   The style 4901 is the short sleeve shirt and style 4902 long sleeve.   Both shirts have identical pocket designs and each has a left side pen pocket.   It often amazes me at how many people inquire about having pockets that securely hold a pen.



Tactical Pants Sale

Woolrich Elite PantsWoolrich Elite Pants have been on the market for several years and to this day are still considered a well designed and durable tactical pant.   The Style 4429 were one of the best sellers for Woolrich Elite.    The 4904 Pants seemed to have a unique style and design for some operators and are virtually identical to the 4429 pants except for one thing, the ankle pocket.   This ankle pocket design was intended for people that are in a vehicle and looking to store accessories or small gear in an area that can be reached while sitting down.

The Style 4904 tactical pants has twelve strategically placed multi-use pockets, including two hidden back pockets, four cargo pockets and two utility pockets, they are built to take a beating with critical seams double-needle stitched and bar-tacked at stress points.   They have the same elastic waistband that other Woolrich Elite pants have. The reinforced belt loops will accommodate belts up to 2 inches wide and will accept the more popular tactical belts like The Wilderness instructor belts.


Lightweight pants customer response

Tactical PantsMany of you may think that spending $60 for a pair of pants is too high, but for a lightweight material,  the design is extremely important.   Eotac lightweight pants have a gusseted crotch that will drastically increase your ability to manuever without wearing about ripping your crotch out if you’re running and jumping.    We had a user mention that another manufacturers pants tore in the crotch when he went from prone to standing up on a firing line.    I guess we’ve all torn pants at some point in life, but tactical pants are not meant to be worn like Levi’s jeans.

There are a operator type pants on the market now.   I’ve seen more than a few that were knock offs of the ACU Army Combat Uniform or Paratrooper pants.    Some of them are selling for $20-$100.    That is a pretty big price variances.    I got to try on a few from a distributor that was selling them for $20 and they were worth about $5 after they went through the wash machine.  People don’t really want to spend a lot of money on tactical clothing with this economy, but just like all of the junk AR15, SKS, AK accessories, there are some pretty big differences in clothing durability.   The 2nd thing is the fit and mobility.    True operators are not going to want to feel a crotch ride up on in their pants when they sit down in a car and are carrying 60lbs of weapons and gear.   We had a number of agencies and customers change over to the new Eotac Style 201 Operator Pants and one of the customers stated that in the last 6 months this is the only lightweight cotton ripstop pant that he owned that did not tear at the crotch.   All of the previous pants he wore tore at the same spot.



Rifle Storage

Gun CasesMany of us know what it’s like to own a 18 gun rifle safe, but it really only holds 12 of our rifles.   Sometimes estimating storage space for firearms can be difficult do to all of the customized accessories that we put on them.    For instance, 12 guns with 20-50MM optics on them and owning semi-autos with 30rd magazines can take up a lot of room.  Some gun safes will be designed for standing up your guns, but where do you put all of your magazines, sight in tools, targets ect?

One way to clean up your gun safe is don’t put all of your stuff in there that you don’t need to put in there.  For how much it costs for a decent soft gun case you can easily spend less than a $200 and put most of  your semi-auto magazines, targets and sight in tools in Bulldog, Uncle Mikes or other tactical carbine or assault case.   I’ve seen some nightmarish incedences where people have so much junk cluttered in their safe that one big clunk could damage a $1000 optic.    I’d suggest finding a closet in your house that can be locked where all of your accessories, magazines ect can be organized so it doesn’t clutter your safe. Unless you’ve got $3000 to spend and a basement big enough to store a huge safe, there’s always a practical way of storing your guns without spending much money.


Tactical Shooting Sports acquires new dress code

Tactical ShirtsWhat else is new about this shirt? This new polo shirt has unique sleeve designs giving you a better range of motion without feeling your shirt move around.    The combination of raglan sleeves, one piece underarm gusset and side panels, and our Eotac’s Tact-Fit Sizing means unique comfort.  If you’ve been looking for a lighterweight polo shirt from Eotac, this is what you waited for.  The Style 410 Polo will be available in, Black, Khaki, Navy, Red, Light blue, Royal Blue, Grey, Hunter Green,  and the much waited for…. White Polo.

We just got word that the company known as Eotac has a new polo shirt coming out.   The new Men’s operator grade shooting sports polo was a good move on the part of Eotac.   We’ve seen their tactical polo shirts as well as other companies tactical shirts, but it’s nice to see something a little dressier and not LEO or military looking.  Some of the other polo shirts we’ve seen on the market were a little heavy and you’ll notice that in the summer months.  For those of us that need to be dressed up and can’t go to work or the office in an Iron Maiden T-shirt,  the Eotac shooting sports polo is another option.  If you are on a shooting team at your gun club, this may be something you’ll want to show off and get embroidered.   There are 9 colors coming out in 2010.



Tactical Pants get Digital

Tactical ClothingEotac pants have been on the market for almost a  year now.   One of the most popular tactical pants is the Style 201 Operator pants.   These pants are hands down one of the most practical tactical pants you can find on the market.  You may even find that these pants are so well designed and comfortable you almost won’t need to wear a tactical vest since the pocket designs will allow you to hold up to six 30rd AR/M16 magazines in the pockets.  These pants are made of 100% cotton rip stop and have a gusseted grotch for extra strength.    It may be funny to read about someone talking about how the crotch on a pair of tactical pants are re-enforced, but if you’re in hot climates, you’ll need lightweight clothing and durability is always an issue for the lightweight stuff.

The Eotac tactical clothing line is marketed for mostly the non-military style clothing, but they recently release the new digital pattern camo pants due to high demand.   These pants are designed similiarly to the original ACU or Army Combat Uniform.    The modern digital pattern gives it a more modern look with a proven useful pant design.    The fit and manueverability of these pants is superior to some of the other lightweight pants out there.   They are so well designed that you won’t notice much of a difference in mobility if you’ve loaded up your mags and are now carrying 180rds of 5.56 in your pants.


Concealed Carry Instructor shirt

Tactical ShirtsThe Eotac zip up shirt is also very popular amongst firearm instructors because the back  is  mesh lined vented bi-swing which provides you with freedom of movement and maximum air flow.   Many of our customers that work on the training courses like the ability to zip it down just because it gets hot.  The front left pocket has a pen pocket as well as the left shoulder sleeve.  On the long sleeve 402 version you can roll up and button the sleeves is it is warming up on you.  If you are a firearm instructor this is the shirt you should have in your closet.

We know that many companies out there refer to everything as concealed carry or tactical, but most of us that work in the industry can spot a gun owner about 90% of the time if we see a clip on knife in a pocket, keeps adjusting their belt, wearing 5.11 type pants ect.      The company known as EOTAC has put some inovative apparel on the market and one of my favorite shirts to this day is the 401 short sleeve shirt.   Due to the false buttons and zip up shirt, you can literally wear a should holster under this shirt and still be able to retrieve your weapon with a quick zip down of the shirt.   The 402 Eotac shirt is the long sleeve version.  Both tactical shirts will work in moderate temperatures and we’ve found this shirt to be an excellent option for deep cover concealement especially in the winter.



Tactical, Practical and vesatility

Tactical KnivesMany of us think we know what tactical knives are for, but not everyone may think they need it for anything other than putting butter on bread or cutting something open.   The reality is knives have been used in the military for everything from combat, cooking, opening ammo cans, hunting, bayonets ect. that trying to explain what a knife actually does, is pointless.   For most practical purposes most people probable don’t need a knive longer than 2-3″ but the older I get,  the more I realize that carring a knife at all times can be usefel and can even save lives.  While folding knives such as the  Columbia river crk1090 is a practical knife that can be folded to fit into a pocket easier than a non folding knife.  We have to think about which size knife we can comfortable carry just like we think about guns.
Some knives like the Kershaw zipper is a great thing to have around if you are travelling in a car or on the road alot.   A knife like this can easily be used to cut a seatbelt off.    Try cutting a seatbelt off and you’ll understand why they design knives like this.  It may even be something  you want to keep in  your glove compartment just incase you’re the one trapped in your own car.  Crazy things can happen in this world and being prepared is one way to live longer and save lives.  Mil-Tac, Spyderco, Kbar, Cold Steel, Command Arms, SOG Knives, Leathermen, Kershaw, Blackhawk and Emerson all made quality knives.   You can always pickup a trusty swiss army knive if you wan’t versatility, but that’s not always the best when it comes to day to day carry.


Military style jacket adapted to modern times

Eotac Field JacketI’ve seen a few military style jackets at Army Navy type stores, but most wearers are using them just for the look, but not because they really use it for any practical purpose.   There are some military style jackets that have good outdoor applications, but recently the very innovative and emerging tactical apparel company called Eotac, has developed something new.   The Eotac 502 Field Jackets is far superior to the Woolrich Elite Algerian jacket that has been on the market for a few years.   Both jackets are based on the Algerian style military jacket issued in the 1950’s.

The Eotac field Jackets has snap on pocket encosures and not velcro or as some like to call it, hook and loop.   I never thought this was much a thing to worry about, but several of our military and law enforcement customers have informed us that velcro wears out and is also very loud.   We didn’t thik about that, but the developers of the Eotac line obviously did.  The Field Jacket arm length is also properly designed.   All of us are build differently and not every shirt or jacket is going to work for everyone just because we have the same chest measurements, but we feel the Elite Operator Tactical Field Jacket is much better designed.  The 501 is also available in the Lizard Patter Camo that many of the original Algerian jackets came in.  The zippered sleeve pocket on the Field Jacket has a pen pocket and can hold something as large as a note pad or blackberry.  You will be able to carry just about any configuration of magazines, flashlights, knives, pepper spray ect. once you get use to all of the pockets, just be careful you don’t loose your gear in this jacket because there are so many places to put your stuff.


Elite Operator Tactical Jacket

Tactical JacketsThe Eotac Field Jacket has plent of accessorie pockets and is better designed that your Grandads military jacket.   The snap buttons don’t wear out or sound as loud as velcro and this is a great top layer to wear in cold climates where standard winter jackets make carry gear troublesome.    We can this jacket is for everyone, and you’ll need to wear heavy clothing or a nice base layer if you are thinking of wearing this in 20F weather, but if you need to carry a gun on your waist this jacket breaks open very easily and can still make winter carry easier than other jacket types.   The front pockets will help fulfill your needs if you are carrying a knife or flashlight with the well placed internal elastic bands.  The snap buttons will also make sure you know your gear is fastened tightly.

The new tactical apparel company called Eotac has a new tactical jacket on the market.   The reviews we’ve gotten from our customers good.   We’ve seen a few similiar style jackets like this, but we have the least complaints and returns compared to similiar style tactical jackets.    Many in the concealed carry market are always looking for something that is concealed carry friendly and  not too tactical, but when you have something that looks so stylish and historically cool looking and works for your image, well, why worry.   Not every person wearing camoflauge is carrying an M16 or M9 on them so you don’t always have to be that concerned that you’ll get noticed.


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