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Walk slowly

Galco HolstersSelecting the right holster for you and going to take some work.   The best thing you can do before you start carrying a firearm is figure out what kind of gun you really want to carry and then go from there.   Some people want to carry a full size auto right off the bat and then find out which holster works for them.   Firearms can be carried in various ways, but situations and comfort are really the key.   I have a friend that carries a full size Springfield 1911 and claims there is no difference in carry that vs a smaller auto.

If you get a good belt like a Wilderness Instrcutor belt or something that has real support, you’ll be amazed at how those heavy pistols don’t really feel like their dragging around with you. Galco holsters has a diverse product line, people need to really know what it’s like to tote a pistol around IWB all day to know where to wear it on their belt and what their tolerances are.  If you are constantly readjusting  your gun while you are out and about, you may want to consider a different belt, holster, or firearm.   Thats one way to giveaway your concealment if you are being monitored by a BG.  Galco leather holsters come in IWB, OWB, Shoulder holster, belt slot holster, ankle, waist pack (or commonly known as fanny pack).   It may also be wise to consider summer/winter holsters and possible a t-shirt and suit and tie holster.    No one holster is going to work for all of these situations so walk slowly.


Five Decades of Manufacturering experience

Don Hume Holsters

Some gun owners make the claim that there are huge differences between holsters designs and what’s really the best.   Well, sorry to bust your chops, but the difference between man guns and the accessories we use with them are as broad as any mans preferences in women. Don Hume holsters have been being made for over 5 decades and the company has lots of expereince in listening to their customer base.   Just think of how much firearms have changed in the last 20yrs and think about how hard it is to keep up with the industry.

Don Hume clip on holsters are a bit of a staple for most gun shops.   The disclaimer for all clip on gun belts is this and it really does come down to this for MOST practical purposes…..”make sure you use a good gun belt and you’ll be fine.   Let’s be real and not get carried away with things like “clip on holsters will fall off if you jump around a lot.   Well, not everyone is going to be jumping fences or hanging upside down from trees while CCW their firearm.  Don Hume IWB H715 are highly recommend for basic day to day concealed carry.  You can have your choose of the holster in the traditional brown or the black.  For OWB or outside the waistband Done Hume holsters also have a paddle holster.  The 7210T is a belt slotted holster for a more permanent and secure way of carrying, there are pros and cons to the slot vs. clip on, but if you’ve got a brain between your ears you can figure it out.


When that’s all you need is..

Fobus HolstersFobus holsters are probable the most popular paddle holster.  Lots of manufacturers have put out similiar items, but Fobus still holds its own in the market. While IMHO it may not be all that comfortable to use too many paddle holder accessories along with your holster, the standard Fobus fobus makes a nice flashlight magazine combo accessory.   If you are wearing a good gun belt, they will float very nicely on your waist.  Fobus makes a  holster for right handed and left handed shooters.   One suggestion about choosing the a holster may be to pay attention to the gun angle that you prefer, while I don’t think it’s a good idea to have much movement with a holster, the roto holster may be for you.  For those going to Carbine Course and looking for a comfortable sidearm holster, I highly recommend them for your favorite, Glock, Sig, Taurus, Beretta or 1911.

I believe I’ve spent more time on the range than the average gun owner.   Once you’ve been in the industry long enough you start to realize that best and better, are rarely applicable to accessories.   We know  that some firearms are better than others in certain respects but just like golf clubs, each item is only good for it’s intended purposes.  Fobus Holsters have been a sidearm staple for many novice and expert gun toters.   You’ll rarely walk into a gun shop that sells holsters that isn’t carrying Fobus products, the reason?   Because when all you need is a gun holster, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money and Fobus will probable have something for you.   Many novice gun owners have trouble getting use to IWB  or Inside the Waist Band holster.  If you’re carrying a full side or medium size revolver or auto, you’ll figure it out fast enough.



Keep the leather look

Bianchi HolstersThe sythetic duty gear crosses the boundaries between leather and nylon holsters.
The Bianchi Accumold design is approximately 50% lighter than similar sized leather holsters.  No long waits for customized leather holsters, still looks like leather if you don’t want to deviate too much from the traditional leather look and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. The Defender II Duty holster may be in  your interest if this sounds all good to you.  You can acquire these from for your Berettta 92,  Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.   The Bianchi Defender II Duty holster is also availablem in your favorite, H&K, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson or Taurus holster.

With concealed carry or duty holsters, there are always pros and cons of a design.  Sometimes we aren’t looking for practical, but pretty.  These Bianchi holsters are designed in a unique way in that it looks like it’s made of leather, but it is  not.   I know some old timers that refuse to carry anything but leather, but there are drawbacks to this.   If you are not in the mood for more frequent cleanings of your firearm (let’s not bring up the polymer gun debate right now, you may be interested in this design.



Do you really need that on a vest?

Tactical VestsThat is the question an Operator may ask themselves while out in the field.   There are a lot of so called tactical vests on the market, and there are also several military surplus assault vests, too.  Sometimes some of these are good for something, but not always in the best condition or won’t go very well with your present line of tactical clothing.   GMG Global Military Gear makes a nice tactical vest that has the ability to retain a sidearm on the front pocket as well as hold several pistol magazines and carbine magazines.
Another extremely popular tactical vest design is one made out of a cotton canvas  design.  You may have seen something similar from 5.11, SigTac or Woolrich Elite.   The tactical apparel clothing company called Eotac has the Style 101 Tactical Vest.  The hook and loop carbine magazine designs are for magazines  with magpuls which gives it the edge over it’s competitors.  If you want to be creative with the use of the pockets, you’ll have plenty of versatility.  The pockets can be used for retaining flashlights, knives, cell phones, spare pistol magazines ect.  Their are also napolean pockets that can hold a small frame revolver or semi-auto.


201 Tactical Pants Review

Tactical PantsWoolrich entered the tactical apparel market several years ago, as well as Blackhawk gear, Proper and Tru-spec.   Most of these clothing companies have good aspects, but recently we’ve seen another Tactical apparel company making very well designed clothing.  Eotac is the short version of the Elite Operator Tactical clothing line.  Their tactical clothing line has been on the market for barely a year, and some products only a few months, but the design and durability seem to be putting them in the heavy hitter category.  The 201 Operator Grade Pants have the best designed ACU tactical pant on the market.

5.11 Tactical has long been the market leader for tactical apparel and clothing.   Ever since Sept 11th and the beginning of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the demand for non-military style clothing has increased.   Deployments in these regions includes and enormous number of security forces from private companies.   Since the early part of the decade we have seen the emergence of several tactical pants and tactical clothing.  We’ve also seen a few fizzle and fade away.


All critical seams are double-needle stitched and bar-tacked at stress points. The Action Waist has side elastic panels for freedom of movement and easily accommodates an inside the waistband holster.  The leg pocket designs are better designed than some of the other variants on the market.   The matching leg strap is a big issue for those concerned about having contrast in clothing out on the field.  While opinions about fit and finish are always subjective, the pocket designs on the Eotac Tactical Pants are are well thought out.   Having the ability to load 6 AR15 or M16 30rd magazines into your pants and still have the ability to move about without any restriction is impressive.  The 100% ripstop design makes this almost unneccesary to worry about some fancy tactical vest which those in warm climates can appreciate.


Extended range time, with shortened cleaning time

gun cleaning suppliesOne pass loosens large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush, then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160X larger than a standard patch. Add a few drops your favorite gun or Hoppes Elite and your guns ready for storage. The bore snake is caliber specific so make sure you get the correct one for your pistol, rifle or shotgun. You will also notice your gun cleaning time will be cut in half or more. I’ve cleaned more than 4 firearms in an hour, from AKs, FALs, M1A, Mini 14s and AR15 rifles all will accept the use of the Hoppes boresnake.

Hoppes Boresnakes will cut your cleaning time in half . There’s no need to worry about storing cleaning rides and worrying about bending or breaking them. The BoreSnake is also easier to use with some types of semi-autos. The Ruger Mini 14 is a classic example of this. Most firearms can be cleaned from the breach forward, but something like a Mini 14 can not due to the design of the bolt carrier. A bore snake can easily be inserted into the breach of a Mini 14 or Mini 30 and cleaned properly. The bore snake can also easily be stored and does not take up any room.  We can guarantee the Hoppes boresnake will become one of your favorite gun cleaning supplies.



Getting the Most Out of Your Binoculars

huntingbinocularsIf you’re an avid birdwatcher, it’s imperative that you have the best binoculars at your disposal. After all, if you choose the best, you’ll be able to view the birds and other wildlife in the greatest detail. That’s why every binocular purchase should take the following characteristics into consideration. For one, the binoculars have to be lightweight and comfortable for the user. If they don’t feel comfortable, they aren’t likely to be used.

You’ll also want to ensure that your binoculars, whether they’re Nikon binoculars or Bushnell binoculars, have the appropriate amount of zoom for you. You don’t want to end up buying something with far too short of a range, because then you’ll never get a chance to really view the birds and other animals you’re interested in seeing. But you also don’t want to choose something that’s too advanced. If you never use those features, it will just end up being a waste of the extra money.

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