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1st Time Handgun owner fears

gun safesAfter Sept 11th and the Hurrican Katrina News cyles, many people have opened their eyes to the fact that their is evil in our generation and that any one of us could face it in our home or our way to work.   There have been a lot of people opening their eyese to gun owner ship.   I can’t tell you the times I’ve heard women say that they “will never allow a gun in their house” and how that mindset has been disapating ever since the Hurrican Katrina havoc.   I had a liberal female friend who was willing to atleast come to a range with me say that “just the existance of a firearm in a home is a deterant, you don’t even have to fire it to prevent bad people from coming onto your property.   Although bad people come in different flavors, most of them will skip your house if you spray paint a warning on your front door informing looters that you will shoot them if they come near you.

I understand peoples fears of having guns around with children, I do believe that if you have children in the house, all guns should be locked up.   I can remember all of my friends that got access to firearms when their dads weren’t around and although they never mishandled them, it’s not a good idea for kids to have access to them until they are proven to be competant and emotionally stable enough to have access.  When dealing with people that are concerened about this, I skip discussions about handguns, and just talk about various types of gun safes that are available and explain to people that push button keypads and finger print scanning technology is here and there is zero chance your kid is going to have access to the gun.  I also strongly suggest hiding and bolting the safe down in an area that is not highly visible.  For $80-$300 you can buy a handgun safe that can be accessed in seconds and there is zero chance your kids will ever have access to.

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