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Hot weather and clothing

tactical shirtsThis summer has already been  hotter than the summers that I remember in the previous decade.  Since I’ve been wearing the same clothing or similiar types of clothing for the past coupl years, I can really feel the changes in seasons.   In New Jersey we get all 4 Seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  Good luck in trying to wear the same pants or shirt through all of that!  5.11 Tactical has probable the most diverse product line, but we get an enormous number of complaints from them.   Eotac products have been on the market for bairly more than a year and we’re still hoping for more new products.   In the summer months we can really feel the need for more lightweight products.    The concealed carry clothing that works the best in really hot weather are the Style 403 and Style 404 shirts which are basically as light as a t-shirt, but designed for concealing a firearm, and they allow for easy access under cover.

Eotac has tactical shirts that I would highly recommend for those still wanting a shirt for range use.    The style 401 Eotac shirt is highly recommend by our operators due to the fact that it is short sleeve, vented properly and the shirt has a zipper that looks professional even when zipped down. For the remaining parts of July and August we are running a huge promo on these items.   Considering how hot it’s been in most of the Country and the fact that these are already a big seller for this time of year, they may be sold out before the end of month.   See our sizing guide for the proper measurements and feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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