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Understanding the mindset of using lasers

Crimson Trace Laser GripsThere has been much talk over the last 2 decades about lasers and flashlights being a liability to an operator more so than an asset.   In about 45 seconds of teaching closer quarters combat and inside the home self defense, a laser is an obvious outing of a users location.   I understand that if you are trying to sneak around  your house and take out a threat, a laser that is turned on will tell the threat you are near.   Flashlights run the same risks if they are used incorrectly, but try and tell a SWAT Team to enter a dark room and determine where a threat may be hiding and whether or not an innocent bystander is hiding in the dark.
The simple tactical solution…. know when to turn your laser on and off.   I could twist the scenario around even more.   If someone broke into your home at night, and you or your wife was hiding upstairs, pointing a laser on  your downstairs wall or floor will notify the threat that you are waiting for them and the gun is pointed in their direction, do you think  they will choose to come  upstairs?  Flashlights can temporarily blind a bad guy, but it will also tell him which direction to shoot.   If you are in your home and a break in occurs, turn all of the lights on in your house and you won’t need a flashlight.     Crimson Trace Laser grips need to be thought of in offensive and defensive tactics.   There are times in football that you go long, and other times you just gotta block and stay on the line of scrimage.

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