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Lasers on J-Frames

Crimson Trace laser gripsI’ve often noticed that some of the most experienced shooters I know that you would imagine could probable carry a Argentine FAL concealed actually all carry very small and lightweight firearms.   The J-Frame seems to be the number one, but I have been noticing that there are a few very reliable autos being made by Ruger and Kahr.  I understand the need for training, but there have been drawbacks to many of  the snub nose revolvers I have fired.  Number one, they tend to have terrible triggers and the sights are so small they are hard to use.   I’ve put plenty of lead downrange, but I have done tests with 5 shot revolvers and the difference between double action trigger pulls and single can be significant.   If you’ve only got 5 rounds, you have to make every round count.

After several attempts at buying another pocket auto, I had a convesation with the salesperson that said everyone he knows that is carrying a J-frame is now carrying it with  Crimson Trase Laser Grips.   I’ve seen a lot of pocket lint on firearms and I would have to say that it is something I would be concerned about if I was carrying an auto, I believe the revolver has an edge in this regard.  A laser grip will add on another $160-$200+ to your gun, but if you prefer to carry a revolver.  Adding on a laser will increase your effective range and possible give you and intimidation factor if you ever had to pull it.

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