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Smith Optics Elite still waiting

We’ve been very happy to bring in the new Smith Optics Elite eye wear.   It’s been awhile since we’ve expanded this part of our inventory because eye wear is actually a hard sell via the internet.   There are some things that people have real fears of ordering online due to shipping and exchange policies from various companies.   The Smith Optics are not the optics you find in a hardware store.   They are far more better balanced and durable.   Primarily what I’m talking about are the Smith Optics Elite Lifestyle glasses.   We’ve been selling most of them to walk in customers because they are eye catching. The Smith Optics display case we have has really good LED lighting and it really brings out the differences between the clear, ignitory, gray and Polarized eyewear.

While looking at what many life guards are using, the polarized lenses are the most popular.   The amount of sun glare and the depths that they need to see during the summer sun hours can be intense.   The Smith Optics Elite tactical eyewear has been gaining ground and we’ve been sponsoring various local events to push some of their products.    Taking good care of  your eyewear is extremely important because scratches and smudges can limit your visibility and in a defensive situation, that you means your at a disadvantage.   The Outside the wire Smith Elite turbo fan goggles are

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