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New Original Swat boot

We got a good look at what was coming out this year at the Police and Security Expo for 2011.   We recently got feed back from our customers about what they wanted to see from the Original Swat footwear line and we were happy to find out that Original Swat was already producing it.   The new 1160 boot has shank protection and composite toe instead of a steel toe.   With new technology there are really no reasons to have a steel toe anymore.   That is probable one of the biggest complaints that I’ve gotten from people that went on hiking trips in the winter that thought the boots would keep them warm, but instead, the steel toe made them colder.

Many people working in security don’t want to have to take their boots off every time they go in our out of a security, but they still need the protection.  Many products that use to use steel for protection have been replaced and Original Swat boots has been on top of that.   Where are you going to get kind of product for less than $100.  Shank protection is important for this day and age when so many blood born diseases exist in the drug infested urban areas.  Stepping on a needle is something that can easily be prevented but also can be life altering if it occurs.


Keeping a Carbine running

There are a lot of really good sources of information about maintaining an AR15 and now that there are so many variations of AR15’s out there you really have to pay attention to the type of gun you have.   I’ve found that one of the best sources of information is SWAT Magazine because the writers they get have a long track record of knowing the products that our out there and  what the real world use is like.    Issues like over cleaning firearms is something you rarely hear about it goes on a lot more than you realize.   Especially when it comes to bolt carrier groups.  I was amazed at the number of Instructors that weren’t cleaning their Carbines and were only dropping lube in the guns as maintenance.

Now that piston driven guns are becoming so prevalent, there are areas that don’t need as much lubrication as other AR15 variants.  One thing that hasn’t changed over years, but has only continued to grow are the use of Magpul Pmags.   They are everywhere and although there have been some minor issues with dimensions and materials, they still beat USGI mags in just about everything except for weight.  One thing you still need to keep in mind when operating a Carbine and keeping it running is you still need to clean magazines out.   Pay attention to how many rounds you are putting through your magazines and inspect them.   Magazines get dirty at some point and they will cause malfunctions.


Somebody needs to make a decent pair of denim CCW pants

I’ve seen a few companies attempt to do it, but nobodies done it right.  Woolrich Elite made the 4909 Denim jeans, but the color and cut was not very popular although the idea was good.   I know Woolrich has since discontinued the jeans, but they were pretty close to doing something really good.   Eotac which was basically a newer version of everything that Woolrich Elite had out did a better job, but it still could have been better.   There were more than a few complaints about the thighs being too tight on many of the early productions.

I believe there were only 2 production runs on the Eotac 205 pants, and the latter made the changes, but it still wasn’t quite right.   The other issue was although the side zipper pockets were liked, the back pockets were over done and they looked too much like tactical pants from the back.  If there was just a ID pocket, they would have almost been perfect for CCW.   The  5.11 covert pants were just horrible for CCW.   CCW pants really should just mean big pockets and comfort for carrying a firearm, not this hidden pocket crap all around the inside of the pants, which made retrieving gear almost impossible.  What’s the point?


What kind of tactical pants ?

If anyone is reading this, I’m all ears on what kind of tactical pants  you are wearing and why you like them.  In a recent conversation with some EMS people, the discussion about 5.11 pants and all of the changes that have taken place with the company over the years.   The discussion about the EMS pants came up and all of the individuals I had in the room liked them, but they did mention that they wish the company would make some changes to the designs.

Tactical gear and accessories change over the years and the same goes for medical equipment.   Tactical clothing especially tactical pants can go over the same changes, or so they should.  Something like a cell phone has changed in size over the years and designing a pocket around a cell phone isn’t something that is going to last for 10yrs.   Probable in the next 3-5yrs most cell phones will be in the ear or on it.   I would like to hear back from people that were EMS pants from 5.11, Tru-Spec ect and see what they wish we sold.


Matching the holster to the job at hand

There is always something somewhat fun for guys to get a hold of tactical gear for firearms and putting accessories on firearms.  It’s pretty easy to figure out who was playing with Legos as a kid  when I think about my friends and business associates that have firearms.  Some of the configurations are very well thought out and there are many ways to get the same job done. There are many times though when people have entirely too much on a firearm than the experienced Operator will know that that means extra weight.

When it comes to gun holsters, and for Police or Military application, you have to think about why you are using something and how it is going to perform, as a matter of fact, you have to know or else  you’ll end up in a bad situation.  Blackhawk holsters are by far the top selling gun holster, but some of the guys use them don’t like the leg holsters because of clearance issues they have when they have to go through hallways or doorways.  Snagging on clothing and holsters happens and sheered off flashlights does happen.


Somebody has been finding about the Jit holsters

After being in business for so many years, and working in this industry, I’ve seen enough trends in various things like firearms, holsters, ammunition and attitudes in general.   I remember when I only knew a  handful of people that CCW permits and now that number is probable 4-5 higher and it’s mostly people that I didn’t expect to get them.   I have several friends that did the College thing, the Grade School thing, and after they got tired of changing jobs, they started their own businesses.   Unfortunately, some of them found out real fast about the liabilities of having a business and dealing with the public.

There are always statistics attached to certain types of crimes and if you own a pizza sh0p, restaurant, UPS driver, or just travel around in Urban environments, you general area going to witness or know someone that was robbed or assaulted.   I do like the Don Hume holsters that attached are belt through holsters, they seem to be the simplest and smaller holster design.   The gun basically hangs in the holster unlike many other holders that contain it.   There is no clip or paddle protruding into your hip and they seem to be one of the most popular ones CCW holders are buying these days.


Some feedback after finishing the Dean Caputo AR15 armorers course

It has been several decades now that I have been shooting firearms and we’re working on the second decade of military style semi-auto experience.   Some of the guns I have  owned in the last 10yrs are breaking down from time to time, but I’m still learning about the firearms. When something breaks,  its somewhat fun to learn about how a firearm was designed and how much trial and error went  into a firearms design before it was done right.   All of those little springs and detents probable came about after trying other things, but they are all very important parts of keeping  a firearm running.

Recently I had a stock come apart on my and the spring and detent fell out, I couldn’t find the stock wrench that I had so I had to pick up another one from Tapco.   It is now staying in my range bag,  I’ve had magazine failures and ammo failures, but getting the AR15 Armorers course gun dvds is a good gift or good thing to watch with your gun buddies.   There are good ideas on keeping gun parts and small compact gun tools around to keep your gun up and running or get it up and running when you’re at a range.   Something like a $1 spring can shut your gun down for the day if you weren’t prepared.


Range Report on M4 Carbine

I’ve had an LWRC Carbine for several years now and it has served me well.   I’m not going to brag about  how great this thing runs compared to other firearms, all I’m going to say is that this was the gun I really learned about gunsmithing with.   I recently stripped the gun down to do a repair after the stock came loose and i lost the rear take down pin detent and spring.   I was shooting and noticed that my M4 Carbine rifle stock was starting to unwind and I was a little surprised.  I thought I broke the stock for a moment and then I realized that it was just lose.  I didn’t have a stock tool with me so i just hand tightened it, but then I noticed the rear take down pin was falling out.

Well, I wasn’t in a gunfight, but I did learn that more than just an optic or a magazine can fail you, you’re gun may just fall apart if you don’t pay attention to it.   While I took the gun apart to analyze it a little more I notice that the fore grip that I was using was cracked, it had not broken off on me, but man, did it look like it was close to snapping, there are a great many things to lock down and tighten, spending $1800 on LWRC uppers, doesn’t mean the gun isn’t allowed to have an operator induced failure of some sort or sheer neglect.   Everything that can come loose needs to be checked.


Sale on Woolrich Elite tactical shorts

The heat wave in the northeast is upon us and it’s time for the lightweight Summer shorts sale.   The Woolrich Elite Series tactical shorts are made of the same 100% cotton rip stop material that the Style 44441 and 44447 pants are made from.  They are close in style to the 4444 pants, but there is no BDU or cargo pocket.   I think this is kind of a bummer, but there are so many people out there that can’t handle the long inseam that would be needed to put this addition on it, but there is an option that is somewhere in between.   The Style 44905 short meets you at the half way point.

Woolrich Elite 44905 is by far the most popular tactical short that we sell.   It’s not too long, but the pocket designs are so useful and the material does not shrink or ride up on you like most tactical shorts do.   If you read through some of the previous blog posts I have had some pretty bad experiences with 5.11 tactical shorts.   It’s a little too late for me to try and pick up Proper or Blackhawk Shorts, but next Summer we’ll probable make a few additions to the product line if we like what we see.   The Woolrich Elite Cargo shorts give you the most versatility.


Timberline Tactical Knives

I had the fortunate experience to work the Gatco Sharpener booth at the NRA Convention last Spring and it was a very insightful experience.   When I first showed up most of the knives looked the same to me, but after about 2 days of handling them, I was able to distinguish between all of the knives and how they were different.   There are numerous sharpeners from Gatco that are options in sharpening your knife, but some of them are pocket sizes and others are kits.   The Military Carbide sharpener is probable the most straight forward, but since not all knives are straight edge or plain edge.   You may have a hard time getting to partially serated knives.  That’s where the the sharpening kits come in.

We ran a giveaway at the Gatco sharpener booth where we gave away an SOC knife with every kit that was purchased.  Probable the biggest seller for those that purchased the Timberline knives, was the Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening system.  There is a stone that can be used to get to the serations and it only took a few strokes to notice the difference.  Once you get the hang of using the sharpening system, you can sharpen knifes even faster.   One thing we didn’t see at the show was any blood flow, but I was informed that almost every year somebody cuts themselves there.   Safe handling of knives is something you’ll be practicing whenever you use a sharpening system.

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