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Smith Optics Elite still waiting

We’ve been very happy to bring in the new Smith Optics Elite eye wear.   It’s been awhile since we’ve expanded this part of our inventory because eye wear is actually a hard sell via the internet.   There are some things that people have real fears of ordering online due to shipping and exchange policies from various companies.   The Smith Optics are not the optics you find in a hardware store.   They are far more better balanced and durable.   Primarily what I’m talking about are the Smith Optics Elite Lifestyle glasses.   We’ve been selling most of them to walk in customers because they are eye catching. The Smith Optics display case we have has really good LED lighting and it really brings out the differences between the clear, ignitory, gray and Polarized eyewear.

While looking at what many life guards are using, the polarized lenses are the most popular.   The amount of sun glare and the depths that they need to see during the summer sun hours can be intense.   The Smith Optics Elite tactical eyewear has been gaining ground and we’ve been sponsoring various local events to push some of their products.    Taking good care of  your eyewear is extremely important because scratches and smudges can limit your visibility and in a defensive situation, that you means your at a disadvantage.   The Outside the wire Smith Elite turbo fan goggles are


tactical gear and accessory ordering online

I’ve been doing a lot of product evaluations and we’ve been scouting the tactical apparel and accessories industry since the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh.   We pretty much brought in new gun holsters and apparel for the CCW holder and we’ve already been well immersed into what most military contractors use.   Some of the new Smith Elite Optics have a really popular turbo fan goggle that have been flying out the door and we’ve already been taking orders to blow out the next shipment.   A great many new customers have been dropping in and calling us on the phone asking who are we because they’ve never heard of us before but we have been showing up in gun magazines and conventions for the last several months.

Most of our new customers are finding us on the internet through search engines and many times it’s because they found us after bad experiences with a few other companies.   It’s somewhat shocking that some of the highest ranked businesses on Google and Yahoo are companies that have an F rating with the better business borough.   Gun holsters are hard to find in many gun shops and now that there are so many new guns like the Ruger LCP,  Galco holsters, Blackhawk holsters and many more have to keep up with what is being put out.  You gotta be real careful who you do business with and that’s one reason we’ve thrown up a facebook page so that our customers knew who we were and that we respond to our customers questions and needs.


Keeping spare parts around

This weekend I got a rare chance to actually get out and practice some urban combat tacticals and had the most fun I’ve had in awhile.   A few months ago I did some practical handgun defensive shooting training, but I kind of lost the feel of recoil and that’s not something i like to feel when I’m on the range.   I have in the past pushed myself to practice shooting defensively from a cold mindset.   What do I mean?  Nobody warms up to a self defense situation, sometimes you are thrown into it.

Once you have your safe gun handling skills down, there’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself.   I recently got a reminder about checking things on a firearm before training though.  I carry lots of spare parts for my AR15 bolt, but I didn’t have a stock tool or spare detent pin and springs.  I watched a few gun dvds, specifially the AR15 Armorer’s course with Dean Caputo.  One good thing about having something like this is being able to identify the parts that go in certain areas and what they are used for.



Glocks 17 holsters and safety

I view the Glock pistol as an unsheathed knife.  When you pull a knife or a sword you better pay attention to where your blade is because it will cut you.   I am not big fan of manual safeties on handguns because the closer you are to a bad guy the less time you’ll have.  On an AR15 it’s whole other story.   I am also not a big fan of carrying firearms around with empty chambers.   People gotta realize that when bad things happen, you don’t have all the time in the world and giving yourself one more thing to do before you can defend yourself is a bad idea.   I recently did an audit of all of the friends and family members that I know that carry firearms and the vast majority of them have never been in a really hostile situation.

I, unfortunately have too much experience in those regards and I completely understand what “stress” is in combat or hostile situations.  I never got into the whole CCW thing just for being a cowboy.   I’ve seen evil and I know the dark side of what humanity can do and it’s not just about defending our lives, it’s also about defending the innocent.    I think there are some good designs out that may be at higher safety level than Glocks, but the Blackhawk holsters that I like the most for Glock firearms is the Serpa.   The Level II tactical holsters lock the gun in place, you hear it click and you don’t have to worry about thumb breaks or guns flying out of the holster because there is nothing to retain it.


Some feed back on gun dvds

Once I get everything setup in the new showroom, we’re getting a big ass TV for running some of the videos from the Make Ready DVD series.   The production on the DVDs has been pretty good so far, but I must admit I’ve only watched about 10hrs of video.   I’ve been itching for a really long time to get my hands on some of the modern Carbine Fighting techniques because I think this is the most practical training a Citizen can get.   Much like the old Militia mentality which has sadly been become a negative term and no longer a term for a Patriot, this should be common amongst young adults to know how to defend their Countries.

There are some pretty shabby people making gun videos and I don’t know the background on all of them, but you gotta check references when information when you are training.   There was a big stink a few years  ago about firearm instructors not checking the backgrounds of some of their students, but that’s another issue.   With so many people getting real world training and experience in Iraq and Afghanistan coming home and producing gun dvds that can help our society produce defenders of Liberty is pretty cool if you ask me.   I have several SWAT buddies that go through training and they liked the access to Paul Howe’s new Tac Pistol and Tac Rifle Operator videos.

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