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Magpul gun parts and magazines

Magpul gun parts and accessories as well as the famous Pmags are outstanding gun parts.   There are so many modifications that you can customize your M16 or AR15 variant in multiple color patters or configurations.    Everything from gun grips, rail skins or rail covers, trigger guards ect are high quality and combat worthy if you install them properly.  Because of the numerous accessories that you can put in an M4 you can’t really just buy 3 rail covers and expect them to fit in the accessory pattern that you want.   Some of the accessories might cause  you to need medium covers or full length.  Sometimes the quad rail configuration is useful, but if the job does not need all of the lasers or light attachments why carry the weight.

There are several patterns of rail covers and there are several companies out there making good stuff but just remember that you are carrying a combat weapon and the more you attach, the more things fall off.   Magpul pmags are the number 1 rifle magazine in our book and we highly recommend them to all of our fellow shooters and customers.  The 30rd magazines with the windows seem to be very popular but in my opinion I don’t think it’s that necessary to know if you have 8rds left in a magazine or not.   The answer is to carry enough mags to know a tactical reload is possible instead of looking to see you have 8 left.


Rogue Elite now has a retail location

We are proud to announce we have moved from being an online E-commerce business to having a retail location.   We will be expanding our inventory and our location in 2011 but many of our customers in the Northeast have been asking us to open something in this area and we finally gave them what they were looking for.    Our  tactical clothing lines from Eotac, 5.11, Woolrich Elite and Tru-Spec.   Buying clothing online can be difficult and when people live an hour away from you sometimes they just want to drop by and try something on.   We have a pickup location and if you call for an appointment we can arrange to have the items you are looking for available to try on.

We are a showroom account for many tactical gear and tactical accessories.   Eotech, Trijicon and many gun optics will be in stock at our Broomall location.   We will be supplying many products for Philadelphia Police Supplies and regional demands.  Shooting accessories and some hunting gear along with ballistic optics and eyewear.   Blackhawk gear from the Blackhawk Serpa and other Warrior Wear products will be in house in the Fall of 2011.   To setup an appoint call or email us by looking up the Contact us part of our website.

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