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Response from the Zombie hunters

Yesterday we had the fun experience of being at the 2nd Contagion at the New Holland Rifle and Pistol club.   Contagion 2011 was a great success although the foggy morning and threat of thunder storms was looming.  We got a safety briefing first thing in the morning and everyone said a prayer and then the shooters arrived.   There was approximately 140 shooters at the event and unfortunately there were several that signed up but could not make it out to the event due to the recent flooding that has occurred in the Pennsylvania area.   A few people had damaged homes and the fun of the event was not possible.

One of the best things about being an observer at these ranges was checking out all of the tactical gear and accessories everyone was using.  We sold a lot of the Smith Optics Elite ballistic eyewear and the Aegis Eyeshields were a big hit.   The Make Ready and Magpul Dynamics gun DVDS were also a big seller at this event as well as the Vickers tactical gloves that we were selling.   For what the price is for these gloves which is below what we normally sold them for they are a steal.   Check out our inventory of the Vickers tactical gloves while supplies last.

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