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Serious footwear for the job

When you realize that retiring your sneakers after running around on a firing range is a good idea, there are other things to consider depending on how serious you are about footwear and protecting  your feet.   Many of us have had those blue collar jobs where steel toe boots were mandatory, but technology is slowly replacing steel toe boots and more and more people are wearing composite toe footwear.   Many of our customers are walking in and out of prisons and not having to take your boots off and on is one less hassle.

The next we want to start seeing is the replacement of steel shanks for composite shanks and for anyone that has to break down doors, not having to worry about a nail going through your foot is good comfort.   There are many Original Swat boots to choose from, but do your research on all of the features that the Original Swat footwear company has to offer.   We’ve  been carrying their tactical boots for barely a year now, but customer response and the innovation of certain styles is impressive.

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