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Fighting Carbines and knowing when you are running empty

I never really bothered with the pmags with the windows until I started taking Carbine courses.  I try to take at least 2 per year just to get use to the anxiety that is common with not being on the range very often but this is all part of my mental training.   As some of you know not everyone has gotten into owning firearms just for the fun of it or for some type of hobby.   Some of us have been on the receiving end of the bad elements of society and our eyes have become open.

When it comes to fighting under stress the notion of feeling recoil is null and probable several pounds of gun isn’t going to bother you, atleast for a little while.  There have been times I have known my magpul pmags were running low because I was not under stress and I could feel the difference in weight when I turned the gun, but under stress it’s best to just look at your magazines and know where you are at.  If you see less than 10rds or it’s 1/3 full you might want to do a tactical reload.   If not, you have assurance your gun won’t run empty.


Handgun lights that never seem to be out done

I can still think of the time when my Grandfather use to come home from Radio Shack with some new powerful flashlight that was very impressive to a 9yr olds eyes.  That giant flashlight that took those giant D batteries seemed like modern technology was displayed for my eyes only.  Later it was the spoiled rich kids that showed up on camping trips with the expensive mag lites that their parents gave them because they thought you need that much candle power on a camping trip.


Well, there’s nothing wrong with a bright flashlight, nothing at all.  The flashlights that I see in stores like the Streamlight Flashlights are so bright and compact that the only draw back is having CR123 batteries in storage and the fact that some of these flashlights are easy to loose.   I have seen many weapons lights on M4 Carbines, but the one hand held flashlight that everyone seems to use is the Streamlight TLR-1.   This handgun light is still the staple for rail handguns and could be used on any shotgun or rifle.  The best thing about it too is most of them can be had for under $120.

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