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Magpul Pmags and Magpul furniture

I have not had the time to mess around with every single firearms manufacturers products so I’m not going to go out on a limb and say everyone should buy Mapgul Products. I can tell you that I do not have problems with Magpul accessories and once I upgraded my AR15 rifles to Magpul PRS, and Magpul CTR stocks, and haven’t looked back.  Whenever I look into buying new firearms I usually check them out for their furniture or think about which grips I want attach.   I’m real big on keeping things uniform unless I gotta pick up something exotic.  And that’s most likely going to be a LWRC REPR in the near future.

Magpul vertical grips have changed and now that the M.O.E.  evolution is upon us there have been changes in the way we think about attachments.  Our most durable and reliable AR15 magazines are still the Magpul Pmags, but some other things have changed.  No longer to we attach a light to a rail, we attach the rail to whichever area we want, attach the accessory and end up with a lighter firearm.   At first I didn’t want to deal with changing any of my firearms around, but it’s a very good excuse to buy another Carbine.

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