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Having trouble ordering things online because of sizing and fit?

There is only one person to blame and, well, maybe two people to blame if you are having problems with things not fitting you.  And those two people are the two people that brought you into this world.  Even though it is pretty obvious that people are using the internet to order more and more products, one thing that will not change is sizing and fit issues when ordering clothing.  Recently we had several people come into our Broomall, PA shop and they had issues with eyewear.    Everyone has differences in you want to map their body out and the roundness of your face or head can determine which eyewear will fit you comfortable.

When we had to choose eyewear we went with Smith Optics Elite because even though they have only been in the Military eyewear market for a few years, the people behind the Smith Optics Elite line have extensive experience in the eyewear industry.   Our display of Smith Optics Elite eyewear at our Broomall location is present displaying the Smith Optics lifestyles in clear, gray, polarized gray, and ignitor.   The Polarized brown are probable the newest top sellers .   We are looking forward to the new Smith Optics products for 2012.


These shirts look great

The Woolrich Elite concealed carry shirts are really nice and we’re surprised to see how many shirts they have made.   I guess it was an easy switch to change their product line over from the Woolrich Elite main line to the Woolrich Elite Series tactical line.   The 44916 seems to be the best CCW shirt that came out last year although they did discontinue the 44915 and the 44913 shirts.  Those shirts are now on sale at a discount but they are still in stock. The velcro side flaps are somewhat boring but the shirts are a great bargain and better looking than what I see from Blackhawk and 5.11 tactical.

The newest ccw shirts from Woolrich are the best yet.   These have magnetic false buttons that you might want to use a shoulder holster or something like a deep cover concealment shirt.   The Woolrich Elite CCW shirts we have are very different in pattern and look to the 2011 ccw shirts and they are hands down the best ones.  I always recommend anyone that is using a shirt for ccw should avoid throwing them in dryers and let them hang dry.  We have not gotten any complaints about shrinkage on these shirts but it will slow down the inevitable shrinkage that occurs with all clothing.


Woolrich Elite Lightweight pants in Coyote Brown

We just got in the new Woolrich Elite lightweight pants in Coyote Brown and they look really good.  Over the years we have been surprised at  how un popular black tactical pants were and mostly see khaki colors, OD green and usually something other than black or navy.  I guess most people try and stay away from the ninja look unless they have to, but coyote brown is a welcomed color.   We have been pruning our tactical pants category down for several months now and we should be eliminated a few product lines.  One of those product lines we won’t be discontinuing any time soon are the Woolrich Elite pants.

When we first saw Woolrich Elite products get on the market the first thing we realized is the contrast between 5.11 tactical fabrics and the Woolrich Elite.  Bother tactical pants would state they they were made out of an 8.5 ounce cotton canvas but only the Woolrich Elite pants were really the ones that held up to that.  5.11 tactical would not be where it is today if it didn’t make some great products but the complaints coming from our customer base have been constant and many have moved towards Tru Spec, Woolrich Elite and Vertx.


AR15 upper receivers sold out

I guess the less expensive stuff is what most people seem to go for and right now that is everything from Spikes Tactical.  The funny thing is these guns are so well made for the price that they were in high demand even before things heated up in the Country.  The AR15 is the primary firearm in the United States and transitioning from Civilian to Military with it is an easy step.  Many people forget that the original intent of having an armed population is so that the population could be called to arms at any moment to defend their Country.

Now that so many people own the AR15 changing the guns to something longer or shorter or to MOE can be as easy as pushing 2 pins out.  There are definitely some big differences in the durability of the firearms, but the lower end of the spectrum for AR15 upper receivers is pretty darn good.   Mismatched parts and bad assemble isn’t something I heard about too often anymore.   The poorly run companies seem to have been cleaned out and there are some really good guns being made.  We’ve sold lots of gas piston AR15s this year and the pool is getting competive.


Another Wilson Combat vs Chip McCormick debate

We have to be honest when customers call us  up and ask us a question about a product.  Many times we hear the question “which is better” and the truth of the matter is this is usually somewhat of a trap for us because as soon as we make a claim about something being better than something else, the customer will hold us accountable if we were wrong or if they disagree.  Not like it’s a big problem but if you call us up and ask us what shirt size or vest size, we’ll defer the question and tell you you’ll have to measure yourself.   When it comes to gun accessories, so much of that needs to be fitted to a persons body and much of it is cosmetic or preference.

The 1911 is still probable the in the Top 5 for gun accessories, gun holsters and gun magazine sales.  There are many out there that want us to tell them if their 1911 will run better with Chip McCormick magazines or with Wilson Combat or some other gun magazine.   The truth of the matter is the 1911 sold these days is not the 1911 sold 15yrs ago and there are so  many difference that its something  you’ll have to figure out on your own.   One thing we will tell you is the Chip McCormick magazines are price almost $8-$10 less than the Wilson Combat Magazines which might be a good thing for someone that wants to great magazine for less money.


Suggestions for CCW Flashlights

There are always people that carry products that are outside the norm and everyone has a different reason for carrying what they want.  I knew a guy that carried a Desert Eagle and it wasn’t because he was a nut job, he actually worked on a farm and had issues with gators eating his dogs.   That’s not something I would expect my Sig 239 to  be dealing with but on the flip side, I also heard a story on the local news about a guy that just got his CCW and discharged his Desert Eagle into his hand and to this day it amazes me he has a hand.   There are always idiots in every flock but the vast majority of the product elements of society are very responsible and deserve to have access to the things they choose to carry. Pocket knives also vary and although I think Swiss Army knives are nice, clip on knives are more practical than something floating around in your pocket.   When I am looking for a flashlight that has  a proven track record there are very few companies I will place my money with, my Streamlight Flashlights are my primary home and CCW flashlights although I do have some of the Surefire flashlights on my M4 Carbines.   I am still in a testing stage for weapons mounted flashlights but according to all of the local Police Departments the Streamlight TLR-1 is their pistol flashlight.


Probable the best all around ACOG?

There isn’t a do it all rifle scope, but some day there will be.  Technology always improves and better weapons and technology is always down the road.    Half a Century ago the military made the decision that the 7.62 round was more than what was need for most combat operations and changed over to the M16.   Not only was the 5.56 round a adequate round you could easily issue 2xs as much ammunition.   Combat optics normally meant an optic that magnified up to 10x and were not suitable for use on semi-auto or full auto weapons.  That is now ancient history and Eotech gun sights, Aimpoint and Trijicon are up to the task.

There are so many different types of optics from Trijicon that are worthy of being put on  your M4 Carbine, but the best one in my opinion is the TA01NSN.   The back up iron sights are already there and really are more of a secondary close range optic.  The 4x magnification on the Trijicon ACOGS can slow you down under 50YDs and you may be better off just moving your eyes to your secondary sights.   No flip up sights or flip to the side.   Eotech gun sights are outstanding for short range shooting and seem to be very popular in the Law Enforcement Community.   Aimpoint and Trijicon seem to be more geared towards Military operations and longer deployments.


The Importance of contrast for combat optics

Many believe that illuminated reticles means engaging targets in low light, not always but sometimes.   In recent years there have been some pretty exotic optics and many  of them are pricey.   You’ll be lucky if you can find a combat worth optics for less than $500 although there is a good used market.    I have started out with many of the Eotech gun sights and have been very happy with them.   The only down side to them is the fact that they need to be turned on.  I know several people that have used them  in Iraq and were quite happy with them but I personally do not like the idea of a long deployment and the notion that my if I run out of batteries my optic is basically useless.

Aimpoint makes some good stuff although I really don’t have much use for red dots.   Red Dot optics can obscure a target and I have been more and more a fan of the new and smaller Trijicon ACOGS like the TA26SR.   The green reticle ACOGS are out selling the red  optics by about 4/1 and its becoming more and more common to see green lasers and optics.  The TA26 in my opinion pretty much voids the use of a red dot and has a targeting circle that is on par with the Eotech gun sight.   The clarity is superb and there is no haze that some red dots have.


5.11 tactical bags and accessory pouches

It seems that everyone and their dog has making nylon gear but there is a very big difference  in the quality.   We’ve sold a ton of clothing over the years and it often amazes me about the customers that have pointed out product defects.   There have been stitching issues with just about every clothing manufacturer and sometimes missing buttons.  Nobody is perfect but there are definitely customer service issues and consistency differences.  5.11 tactical is King of the tactical accessories and clothing, but there are several smaller companies that do things better and have their own niche.

As an internet based business we don’t stock everything in our Pennsylvania location and we ship from multiple locations.   When it comes to stocking gun cases and rifle cases  we have chosen to stock the Elite Survival Systems product line because it just seems more interesting.  Don’t get me wrong the 5.11 gun cases we sell are very nice and to each his own when it comes to choosing a gun bag.   The 5.11 rush messenger bag is a very popular gun bag and it might just be the right size for what you need.


You learned how to make your bed, now pack your bags right!

If you have not fried your brain on drugs, you should remember when your parents taught you how to make your bed and put the laundry away.   There are always stories about guns and gear being mismatched or people bringing the wrong thing to the range.   I for one have been a strong advocate for being range bags that are for individual firearms.  I like to leave sight in tools for an AR15 and leave unloaded magpul pmags in the outside of the bag just so I know I have brought the right ones.   It can royally suck when you bring a gun to the range and find out you have the wrong magazines or the wrong sight in tool.

When it comes to bringing handguns or other equipment a good range bag is the key to avoiding these types of things.  The range bags we seem to be moving the most right now are the Elite Survival bags which come in 3 different sizes.   I think most people are probable better off with the medium sized range bags because it’s better to start off with something a little bigger than what you think you might need.  Larger bags are for people that really know what they want but be careful you stow your gear consistently and don’t loose your stuff in the bag, it does happen.

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