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Tactical pants and pocket placements, why you need more than one style?

There is not a single tactical pant that we sell that is great for everything.  Recently we had some customer walk in  here wearing Vertx tactical pants and asked us to start carrying them.   A few weeks before we had a large inventory of Blackhawk tactical pants because a ton of customers wanted those.  They also liked the fact they held up better for hunting.  Last week because of a news article about the Woolrich Elite chinos the most non-tactical pant we sell were our number one sellers.  I personally prefer the Eotac style 202 tactical pants but I guess I’ll have to fall back  on a close second place with the Woolrich Elit 44429.

I have been going back and forth about which pants I liked more, recently the surge has been towards the Tru Spec tactical pants because of the new national promo.   I have to admit that for $29.95 the Tru Spec tactical pants are by far a superior pant to the 5.11 tactical pants as far as quality.   The 5.11 tac lite prom pants are the  only tactical pants that I like from 5.11 but I had sizing issues and that is something that seems to be a constant.  Maybe people do need to consider more than a one brand and accept the fact that each one has an advantage over the other as long as the product is durable.


Observing who uses the best stuff

There are so many things in this industry that are well made, but all have their good and bad points.   Some things are all about preference and not really better than the other.  For instance, there is a certain point that a discussion about 9mm firearms being better than one another is and dumb conversation because as long as the gun is reliable  for the first 5 rounds, in the real world the hits are all that counts and most shootings for even law enforcement are in the single digits.  The Sig 228 is a good firearm but will need more lubrication to run properly than a Glock.   If you are going on long deployment the Glock is an obvious lower maintenance firearm.

One thing we do see though is military personal mostly Special Ops that stop in our shop all buy the Safariland holsters.   I personally have no problem with the drop rig Blackhawk holsters but the Safariland holsters are the ones that the pros use and that is something to pay attention to.   I’ve always liked my Beretta 92 pistols and even though they are still being used in the military as a primary sidearm the guys that have the option to carry something else, do.


Sleeping bags hunting trips and survival

People seem to forget about the weather and how variations in temperature can mean the end of life.  Anyone that has taken an Astronomy course or studied Planetary bodies, especially the planets and moons in our solar system will understand.   The extreme hot and cold temperatures on Mars because it does not have an atmosphere, means that you will freeze at night and burn during the day.   There are some places even on Earth where this can happen to you.   Bringing a cold weather sleeping bag with you on a desert trip.

One of our new products from Elite Survival Systems even though they don’t make them are the Recon Sleeping bags.   I’d say at first glance, the Recon sleeping bags are so small that, that alone is a reason why they are useful.  Being able to stow something with life saving protection in varying degrees of weather makes them very practical and worth the investment.   I’m not sure about the long term durability of these, but I would say considering the number of people that have purchased them from us and the lack of complaints, they were worth it.


Fighting Carbines and knowing when you are running empty

I never really bothered with the pmags with the windows until I started taking Carbine courses.  I try to take at least 2 per year just to get use to the anxiety that is common with not being on the range very often but this is all part of my mental training.   As some of you know not everyone has gotten into owning firearms just for the fun of it or for some type of hobby.   Some of us have been on the receiving end of the bad elements of society and our eyes have become open.

When it comes to fighting under stress the notion of feeling recoil is null and probable several pounds of gun isn’t going to bother you, atleast for a little while.  There have been times I have known my magpul pmags were running low because I was not under stress and I could feel the difference in weight when I turned the gun, but under stress it’s best to just look at your magazines and know where you are at.  If you see less than 10rds or it’s 1/3 full you might want to do a tactical reload.   If not, you have assurance your gun won’t run empty.


Handgun lights that never seem to be out done

I can still think of the time when my Grandfather use to come home from Radio Shack with some new powerful flashlight that was very impressive to a 9yr olds eyes.  That giant flashlight that took those giant D batteries seemed like modern technology was displayed for my eyes only.  Later it was the spoiled rich kids that showed up on camping trips with the expensive mag lites that their parents gave them because they thought you need that much candle power on a camping trip.


Well, there’s nothing wrong with a bright flashlight, nothing at all.  The flashlights that I see in stores like the Streamlight Flashlights are so bright and compact that the only draw back is having CR123 batteries in storage and the fact that some of these flashlights are easy to loose.   I have seen many weapons lights on M4 Carbines, but the one hand held flashlight that everyone seems to use is the Streamlight TLR-1.   This handgun light is still the staple for rail handguns and could be used on any shotgun or rifle.  The best thing about it too is most of them can be had for under $120.


Wearing the right clothing in the summer

This is one of those times of year that I’m not sure if I should be wearing a jacket to work or if I should be wearing shorts.  Up in this part of the Country, you can go to work in the morning with a jacket on and freezing and then by mid afternoon, you’ll wish you had a short sleeve shirt on and a pair of shorts.   So far this year we have gone from a very mild Winter, Warm Spring to close the windows and turn the heat back on in just a few days.   The biggest switch over I have to do this year just like last year is figure out what tactical shorts to wear, unfortunately there are some signs I may not be able get more of my favorite.

If you’ve got advice on what type of tactical shorts to wear this summer, we’ll be listening,  with what we’ve seen go on in recent months, we’re hoping to hear at some point that there are clothing factories making lightweight tactical pants in the United States and not elsewhere.  This month we are running our Tru Spec tactical pants promo and testing the waters on color and styles, there are rumors there are more tactical pants coming from Atlanco later this year.  Tactical shorts are usually pretty close to the same price as the tactical pants and considering the fact that you only get a few months out of them you gotta get it right, probable going with Tru Spec.


What to do about tactical shorts?

We have been selling the Woolrich Elite product line for almost 7yrs now and one of our favorite shorts is the style 4905 which later became the 44905.   There was something that happened at Woolrich a few years ago where all of the products had numbers added to the sku number and an extra digit was made so some long time customers get a little confused.   These tactical shorts were well received because they have a 9 inch inseam.  The style 4908 which became the 44908 was a shorter 100% cotton ripstop short but does not have cargo pockets on the side.
This year we may be bringing in the Tru Spec tactical shorts because we’re seeing so much turmoil with clothing manufacturing that we have to be able to sell what our customer are demanding.   Last year we saw the demise of what was our number one selling tactical pants product line because there was so many problems making the stuff overseas that production became almost impossible.  We have also learned of new issues with making some of our favorite tactical clothing lines and we’re wondering if there will be more fallout later this year due to that.  Get your clothes why you can because the prices are going up.


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