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A common issue when ordering clothing online

Tru-Spec shirtsWe get probable 3-5 customers a day calling us on the phone and asking about the clothing we sell and how it will fit them.   We have various sizing charts but they are different for each brand that we sell.   I wear a large part of the clothing we sell, and I see big differences between the fit even if my sizes are all the same.   I always like the Woolrich Elite line but the fit of the shirts was a little off  for my body type with the shoulder lengths.    We tested out some of the 5.11 tactical shirts and the 5.11 t-shirts which many of our Police Officers know and wear but we are very picky about what we stock because we don’t sell clothing to just weekend warriors we sell clothing to people that  aren’t going to want to deal with discomfort if they don’t have to because they all know that body armor is almost always something they want to get off as soon they are back in the Office and no longer out on deployment.

In regards to the entire Tru-Spec product line, there are differences in the fit of the various uniform and 24/7 Series shirts.   Some people in this industry need to have their Tru-Spec shirts tucked in and have a tighter fit on the shoulder while others may have a more relaxed style like the 24/7 Polos, the tactical polos and the performance polos are very well received and I personally  have not had any shrinkage problems.    The Polyester cotton rip stop shirts are lightweight and ultra lightweight designs and you really may want to take a trip to our tactical store to really  understand how they will feel and fit you.   Everyone’s torso and arm lengths can vary and if you don’t know already, you’ll want to do a walk through before you buy  online and have to deal with returns or exchanges  with online purchases.

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