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More Tru-Spec outwear and tactical clothing for Winter 2013

2673-1We just had our Tru-Spec Rep in our store and he showed us several of the items that we did not currently stock.   It’s funny that customers tell us they are afraid to order certain things online, and we tell them “we are the same way when it comes to bringing in new inventory”.   We see new tactical clothing products listed on some of our distributors websites but all it is at first is an image and a bunch of words.  We still don’t know what the big deal is about various tactical jackets or winter clothing because it’s not until somebody walks in our store or gives us positive feedback on a softshell jacket, parka, or rain coat that we actually take a serious look into whether or not we should stock it.   The 24/7 Series is a very good product line but it still has some room for grown.  Various camouflage patterns have come and gone and now just about everything is going multi-cam.

Digital pattern and some tradition camo patters are still available from Tru-Spec but we are watching that closely.   The TruSpec outwear is really geared more towards law enforcment becaues of the badge designs but the Softshell tactical jackets have a much broader appeal.  We offer Free Shipping on orders over $150 and now have a rewards program running on all of our product and with the Tru-Spec line, we offer a free 1 time exchange.   There are varying degrees of warmth for each of these items but a medium weight jacke that keeps you dry and is of good quality is not that common.   We see lots of military surplus gear but even though TruSpec has a military look, the quality is much better than what you’d get at a traditional Army Navy store.

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