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Tactical Nylon Gear response from customers

We enbulldog gun casesdlessly have customers walk in our doors and ask us simple questions that always need follow  up questions.   Tactical gear is so specific to the job that is being done that we really need to know what you want before we can give you an answer.   Questions like ” I need comfortable holster” are so general and preference driven that we can’t really answer that.  Some of the more comfortable holsters are usually the leather/Kydex hybrid holsters but some people just find that too cumbersome to put  on that they give it a pass.  I’ve used the Galco Kingtuk holsters for a Sig 228 for over a year and it has not broken while several other kydex holsters I’ve used have broken on me.

Nylon gear can be broken down into two categories when it comes to marketing, MADE in the USA and NOT MADE in the US.    People look at some nylon gear and thing it’s too expensive so they go for the Bulldog gun cases or sometimes Uncle Mikes.   All of these brands have their pros and cons but it sometimes just boils down to your personal preferences and your budget.  I’ve used gun socks and the economy gun cases as well as some of their pistol rugs and I basically feel like a spent a few bucks at a grocery store instead of feeling like I walked  out of a jewelry store.  Cell phone cases, wallet id badges and range bags be very different and it’s up to you if you want a bug out bag or a pistol or rifle oriented product.

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