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Sig Factory Magazines and Single and Double Stock 45acp Guns

Sig Factory MagazinesThere seems to be a limited number of 45acp firearms that compete in the arena.  I guess it’s because NATO pretty much went with 9mm and nobody but American’s used that 45acp round.  The 1911 is always going to be around for competition shooters and 1911 enthusiasts, but once you get away from the 1911, there are only a handful of 45acp guns that even come close to the longevity and recognition.   Recently, Sig Sauer has come out with the Sig P227 to try and make that 45acp round more relevant and they based it off of the P226 design.  Sig is making Sig Factory Magazines that are 14rds for the Sig P227 so it really does compete about the Glock 21, but it’s still Apples to Oranges to me.

The Sig P227 seems to have gained some notoriety here in Pennsylvania with the PA State Police, but there seems to have been some slight design issues with the first run.  The roll pins on the slide had to be redesigned and there are some complaints about the trigger reset, but if you want a 45acp double stock, Its Glock 21, Sig P227 and H&K that are all in competition.  The Sig P220 is the only other gun I think I still here about, but that doesn’t have the capacity to really be compared to something like the Glock 21.  I don’t know, there’s something imbalanced about double stock 45acp and the guns seem too heavy to me, I would never deviate from Sig Factory Magazines even though there are mags out there that are high capacity, but  I’m still a fan of single stock  for the Sig P220 and the 1911 models.  It’s more about balance than firepower.  After all, isn’t a handgun something you use to fight your way back to your rifle?

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