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Build your AR15 Complete Upper Receivers in the Winter and take it out in the Spring












Right now I’m hearing a lot of complaints about how bad the weather is and how many of the ranges are closed down due to bad weather here in Pennsylvania.  The best ranges are further from the major cities and getting to them or even being able to walk them, can be very difficult at this time of year.   Now is usually the time of year that I break out the Dillon 550 press and work on all of my best hand cooked 223 and have plenty of it ready for the rest of the year.   My Dillon 550 press sometimes doesn’t get used more than once a year because it’s best to just do large runs of 5.56 Nato or 223 handloads in batches.  The other thing I usually work on are all of the modifications.   I recently had to refinish and coat some of the firearms I had because I had them out in rainy Winter weather and they all came how covered in rust.   I have a few AR15 complete upper receivers awaiting the finishing of my Spike’s Gen 2 Stripped Billet Upper.

Not all of us have time to always be at the range or building firearms but when the weather is not so good, instead of sitting inside and drinking hot chocolate, or going sledding, schedule a build with a stripped lower receiver or a stripped upper receiver and work on it right now.   There is still a high demand of AR15 Complete Upper Receivers due to some States recently passing laws, but there has been a slight slow down since some panic over the election has subsided.    Right now we are running 3-5 weeks on most Spike’s Tactical Complete Uppers, but for some reason some of the 300 Blackout Uppers are getting made in about 3 weeks.   Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers are coming back in Stock in about 4-6 weeks.    It all depends on the models and popularity.

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