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Desantis Holsters Pocket options for season changes

















One of the biggest things you run into when carrying a firearm here in Pennsylvania are the changes you have to make when the weather changes.  Lots of people in our neck of the woods have a Summer Carry and a Winter Carry.  Pocket guns aren’t what they use to be, plenty of people are packing 9mm pocket guns and it doesn’t mean 32acp, 380 or 38 Specials anymore.   There are still a few companies out there that don’t understand that you need deep pockets, especially hand pockets, if you want to win people over to wearing their stuff.   Good pocket holsters are meant to break away from the gun when drawn, but not all materials are abrasive enough to work all the time. The other thing you have to know is pocket holsters wear out.

You expect to spend around $20 for a pocket holster, and some nylon styles are almost have that and sometimes get the job done.   Safariland seems to have the edge on duty holsters like no other, but we still often send our customers to Desantis Holsters to find Leather and non-leather holsters.   The Desantis Nemesis pocket holsters have a reputation for outlasting nylon holsters.   They will get you covered for many of the Glock Firearms, Sig Sauer pocket guns and Smith & Wesson Body Guard as well as all of the various J-Frame revolvers.

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