Lots of New Streamlight TLR Flashlights this year

Streamlight TLR FlashlightsStreamlight TLR-6 Streamlight Glock 43 FlashlightI don’t know where the ceiling is with flashlight brightness, maybe when it has enough to call it a lightsaber.  There has been much debate from Law Enforcement about what is optimum for doing entries and how much is too much.  The majority that I have spoken to believe that around 200 Lumens is optimum for indoors while outdoors it’s a completely different mindset.   The most important thing you need to know about when considering a flashlight like this is, you are far more likely to be able to identify a threat with a Streamlight TLR-1 Flashlight or the new compact model Streamlight TLR-6 laser light combo.

Flashlights have gotten cheaper to make, with longer run times and double or triple the Lumens compared to 10years ago.  Streamlight TLR Flashlights are a “staple” in this industry are they on just about every Handgun or Carbine.   They have become extremely popular as a Carbine “white light” due to there being an industry move away from pressure switches and people realizing that the lever activation switch is far more reliable.  The New Streamlight TLR-1 HL has an output of 800 Lumens which is quite incredible.  Everyone should have a light on a Carbine but there is such a thing as too much output.


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