First of many new products in 2016, Timberland Pro Valor boots

Timberland Pro Valor BootsOne of the things we first learned in this industry is that people don’t like to buy clothing online, whether it’s boots, pants, shirts or jackets.   We deal directly with several manufacturers and there is always much debate about what kind of cut or mold something should be made in.  The length of the arms, should it be loose fit or tight.   There are also so many preferences, body types,  and climates that there is no design for everyone.  Until someone can design self molding or adjustable clothing materials not everyone is going to be happy.

When shopping for footwear, the types of socks you are wearing when you try the boots on matters.  The type of work or environment you are working in is also something to factor in.  Out of all of the different styles of boots we sell from 5.11 Tactical, Under Armour, Original Swat and now Timberland Pro Valor boots,  everyone of these companies has their own way of doing things.   The accommodate our customer base, having more brands and styles is important.  The Timberland product line crosses over from contractor, construction workers, electricians, auto-mechanics and also the Law Enforcement and Military footwear style called the Timberland Pro Valor.  Expect to see completely new and different product lines in early January and stop in and check out all of the new Waterproof 5 inch, 6 inch and 8″ side zip Timberland Pro Valor boots.


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