Online Firearm Instruction, you can’t beat it

Firearm Instructional VideosIn recent years there have been a lot of really good firearm instructional videos come out from Magpul, PDN and Pantaeo Productions.   I own just about all of the DVDs I can get my hands on because there have been plenty of family members that I know that were looking into buying their first firearm and I didn’t have time to train them myself, but I went through my collection and handed off some of the ones that I thought were the best.  There is plenty of options to pick from but the Pantaeo productions series has really taken off and expended into areas Medical and Combat Mindset.   This is REAL hardcore training and after watching some of these, and you will understand that owning a firearm isn’t about plinking, there are some evil people in the world and sometimes the only thing that will stop them is a good person with a gun.

Not all of these videos that we sell are so heavy,  there are videos that are good for anyone looking into getting into IDPA or Competition shooting as well as videos on night vision applications.  There have been plenty of times I almost felt like I could skip through some of the chapters in the Firearm Instructional Videos that I own but the simple things like “Adminstrative Loading and unloading” are probable the most common mistakes that I have seen and those kinds of mistakes can be fatal in the real world and I always watch through them.   There have been instructors that I personally have blackballed because I have watch stuff that I refuse to sell because I think they are bad.


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