Lock your guns up and the mental health issues

gunvault safesWe all know someone that we think should never own a firearm and then there are the people that own them, that even as a 2nd Ammendment supporter, you know they probable shouldn’t.  I personally know friends that have worked together to take firearms away from family members or because they had anger management issues or had too much of a criminal history to be truested to use own them.  Given what happened in CT a few months ago, there are plenty of people that were aware of how unstable that murderer was and that they should have made sure he didn’t have access to the firearms, which is personal a reason people should NOT consider biometric safes.

Biometric safes in my opinion are for people with arthritis and  have not the ability to move their fingers quickly.   Its your call on what kind of gunvault safes you want to consider  using but if somebody can get a hold of your finger  prints or they kill you, all they have to do is drag your dead hand over the the safe and they are in.  Where as if you had a combination or finger combination, they would have to keep typing or dialing it in until they got it right, and many of the gun safes that I have owned will lock  you out after about 3 or 4 failed attempts.  You need to be careful how much technology you are going to be using, because the more they over take the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.


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