Fast shots while hunting

rifle sightsLots of things have changed pertaining to firearm accessories, back in the stay, putting  a side saddle on your shotgun or putting a rifle stock shell holder was considering “accessorizing” but now some shotguns have been modified and altered that it sometimes difficult for me to tell if it’s a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 590.   I have been eyeballing some of the hiviz rifle and shotgun sights for awhile now because even though I feel proficient with my Marlin 35 Remington,   there have been times in the morning where my rifle sights (iron sights) were difficult to see.  I’ve avoided putting optics on my level actions because I wanted to get the most out of the firearm with out adding weight or having a gunsmith properly mount it.

Several customers in recent months have had negative things to say about some of the red dot optics that are on the market and they claim that all they see is fuzz and “flaring” when they look through them, the truth of the matter is this is a common problem with red dot optics and why larger dots, although can obscure things at distance, give better clarity of focal points.   Many of the Hiviz rifle sights will give you the illuminated targeting for a fraction of the cost of an optic and I’ve heard great things about people putting them on shotguns and level actions.   You can get a bead or a magnetic front sight from Meprolite for a Remington 870, AR15, lever actions and even AK.


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