Meprolight Nights Sights standard issue?

Back in the day it use to be that night sights were for your bedside gun or the gun you kept in the closet for home invasions.   Now, many police departments including my home town Police Department are issued their Glock 21’s with Meprolight Night Sights.  They are probable better described as high definition sights because they work very well during the day time.  It’s not all about how bad your eyes are, it’s all about how fast you can pick up the sights when aiming a handgun and how fast you get a sight picture.    I’ve found Glock factory sights and Sig Factory sights work well for me when I have light out, but in low light, these sights are outstanding.

The Glock 42 and Glock 43 have become extremely popular off duty firearms and it’s an easy transition from a Glock 21 or a Glock 27 to just a smaller version.   Meprolight Night Sights are available for all of the Glock Pistols as well as the extremely popular  Smith & Wesson Shield.    There are also very common on 1911 Variants and the majority of the Sig Sauer P Series handguns.  There is a lot of debate and comparison between Trijicon and Meprolight as far as the clarity and definition of the sights, but it’s the same as the Glock vs Sig comparisons.


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