Don Hume Leather Holsters, Pretty Darn Good if you ask me

WeDon Hume Holsters found out about Don Hume Leather Holsters much in the same way we find out about other products, customers ask us on the phone or in our store if we carry them.   Once we started testing out the various CCW holsters we had access too, the sales went through the roof and so many people told us they they heard good things about them and wanted to know if we could get more of them in.  Well, we did an haven’t looked back, some leather holsters especially from Desantis and Galco are very nice looking but you are going to be paying almost double for a similar holster and price points are pretty important in this industry, people just don’t want to blow a whole bunch of money on something if they don’t feel the need to.

Glock gun holsters are probable the biggest sellers and the H715 style Don Hume IWB holsters are the ones in highest demand.   I have several of the jit holsters and and an H715 for a j-frame revolver and they have do me well.   Glock handgun holsters, Sig Sauer handgun holsters and the 1911 are probable the most widely asked about in our store and the H721 belt holster with the exposed slots for the 1911 and Para Ordnance p14 are always on order with Don Hume Holsters.    We have had a few people say the finish wore off on them but that is something that when it’s tucked inside the waistband and you don’t have to report to someone complaining about your uniform isn’t going to be a problem.   Their pocket holsters have also been big sellers.  If price points matter to you check out Don Hume Leather Holsters the next time you need a gun holster.


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