Elite Survival Ankle Holsters, there’s just something they did right

aahs_holsterWe’ve got enough history with certain holster companies that we can tell you what works just based on sales data.   It’s not just what sells and goes out the door, it’s also about what comes back in, whether its something that breaks or something people just don’t like.   Ankle holsters are a niche of our overall sales, but one of the most returned items until we started carrying the Elite Survival Ankle holsters.   We’ve had about a 75% return rate with other brands, Desantis, Galco and Uncle Mike’s.   I can’t blame it all on them being bad designs because there is a mentality that some people have that makes them think they want an ankle holster, but then they find out how uncomfortable and awkward it is to carry in this manner.

If you don’t have the right cut on the bottom of your pants, expect to have problems with your pant leg hanging up on the holster.  It’s not very practical for CCW and the vast majority of people actually buying them and using them properly are Police Detectives or people that do a lot of driving.   Ankle carry is very practical if you are driving a lot but other than that, you really need to consider pocket carry.  If we hear you complain too much about looking for a “comfortable holster” what you might not want to hear from us, is that you are carrying the wrong gun.   If you are seriously looking for an ankle holster, we have probable a 5% return rate on The Elite Survival Ankle holster.  The fit for the holster is very accommodating for various firearms and you can get the calf support strap for a few extra bucks if need be.


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