Don Hume gun holsters, what’s the appeal?

Don Hume HolstersI was shocked at how many people were calling us 2yrs ago over these Don Hume holsters and I’m still uncertain as to when the good reviews about this product line took off but it must have been fairly recently.  There are some good Concealed Carry magazine reviews out there as well as many bloggers that post reviews, test, and long term evaluations about products but it’s rare to see a run on production line like this.  I picked out a few holsters for myself but avoided the leather inside the waist because I had some issues using leather gun holsters in the Pennsylvania summer heat and moved on to kydex.   We did have a recent issue with one of their holsters starting to peel it’s finish after just a few days of use, but I think that was a situational issue where the user was wearing  a seat belt that wore the finish off in 24hrs.

Things like that can  happen with any product if it’s put to adverse or stressed situations and every piece of gun gear or tactical gear will fail at some point.   These are very stiff holsters and like all leather holster, not just Don Hume holsters there is always going to be a bit of a break in period.  I wouldn’t get too worked up about this because it’s good that the holster has some break  in period s0 it properly forms around the gun.   A very common  problem with kydex holsters is they will start to rattle and even some Glock guns will not work in kydex holster depending on whether it’s Gen 2 Glock or a Gen 4 glock.   Don Hume inside and belt loop holsters are a great way to conceal carry firearms without blowing a hole in wallett.


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