Galco Holsters the STOW-N-GO vs Kydex and Nylon

Galco HolstersWe sell tons of CCW holsters and usually leave it up to the customer to decide on what they want, everyone’s tolerances are different and adjusting to certain levels of discomfort and limitations in movement are going to have to be accepted.   “I want a comfortable Holster” and when we get asked that, we tell them to get a pocket holster and see what there reaction is.   There are some pretty nice pocket carry friend pants available the 5.11 Covert Khaki 2.0, not to be confused  with the earlier covert khaki pants (which I don’t have a fond opinion of) are one of the few non-tactical looking pants that have deep pockets.   If you are stuck on carrying a larger frame firearm, you are going to have to accept that certain methods of carry are going are not going to work for you.    Leather has a very nice look but even from a Law Enforcement standpoint, leather is on it’s way out and  more people are going for leather/Kydex hybrids and STX finishes.

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard is probable one of the most popular off duty firearms in our area and the most popular holster that we are getting positive responses from is the Galco Stow-n-go holsters.   This soft suede like  material, depending on the size of gun you have, doesn’t dig into  you the way that Kydex inside the waist holsters often do and if you are fond of Galco holsters as a brand name this is something to consider putting into your Summer carry CCW or Off Duty holster options.    The Sig 239 is also a very good match for this holster as well as many Glock firearms and Sig Sauer firearms.    We’ll be looking out for the Glock 42 holsters which I’m sure will  be out shortly.


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