The Element of Surprise Is on Your Side

asp pepper sprayIt’s unfortunate that circumstances force so many women to take special safety precautions after dark. In an ideal world, muggers, perverts and other dangerous characters would all be kept under lock and key. However, it’s essential for ladies to be pragmatic. Simply clutching a set of keys in one’s hand isn’t always enough to dissuade assailants from attacking in a dark parking lot or on a woodland trail.

If you must venture out alone at night in a suspect area of town, the best course of action is to pack some ASP pepper spray. Even if you don’t hold the physical advantage over your attacker, you do have the element of surprise on your side. Attackers are often reckless and overconfident enough to believe that they are attacking a defenseless victim. What a shock it will be when they get a full-force spray of red-hot blindness to the eyes!


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