Elite Survival Double Agent Rifle Case you might need one

Now that the AR15 is such a popular firearm, many people are realizing that the more you accessorize a firearm, the more likely you are to outgrow those Assault Rifle Cases that that have the 3-5 magazine pouches on the side.  Once you throw on vertical foregrips, flashlights, laser sights ect. the simple inexpensive cases tend to not cut it.  That why we point our customers towards the Elite Survival Systems Double Agent Rifle Cases and the Cover Operations Gun Cases. If you are into competition shooting, 3gun, or possible in Law Enforcement or a tactical team, you might be carrying more than one rifle.   Nylon quality can vary from brand to brand and the cheap stuff doesn’t hold up, the nylon wears out and the zipper break.

If you are looking for quality, protecting your Carbine, and durable tactical nylon, you really need to find a brand that designs there products properly.   The Elite Survival Systems Double Agent Rifle Case is actually a 2nd generation rifle case, a good chunk of our sales are for active military because they don’t want to deal with crap gear that tears and rips easily.   There’s nothing worse than having a firearm in a rifle case that has a cheap zipper or easily tears.   With the new version of the Elite Survival Double Agent Case, you have straps that secure EACH firearm in it’s pocket and reduce movement.  For Competition shooters that have to transport more than one firearm, you should take serious consideration into there brand.


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